Wednesday, April 22, 2009

So what's new....

Mom, Chey, Faith and I went to PA last weekend. We had a really good time. Faith really loved riding in an Amish buggy, our guide was a young Amish girl and she was very informative and fun. She explained a lot of the Amish culture to us. And she was super sweet and even picked Faith right up after and took her to meet the horses. During the ride Faith stood behine Elsie's seat (she was the Amish girl) and just watched in awe that horses were pulling us, she LOVED it. She also loved the old fashioned steam engine we rode on, she loved when they blew the whistle at the crossings. We had lots of other fun too. I spent Saturday afternoon playing mini golf with Cheyanne while grandma and Faith napped, that was fun. Except i was in the sun too long and ended up with a horrible rash, yes I'm weird, i'm allergic to the sun. If i'm in it too long i get this nasty bumpy rash, like hives and it itches like MAD. It's finally starting to settle down the last day or so. I also was very good and didn't buy too much fabric while i was there.
I really restrained myself quite well and in celebration of that I just bought a coverstitch machine. This will be my third "sewing" machine. This one does the finished hems like on RTW (ready to wear) clothing. It's going to make my homemade garments much more professional looking. I got a great deal on it and am very excited for it to arrive.
In other news, I am still working full time. Though I am hoping that will be ending soon. The girl that is off on maternity leave is supposed to be coming back on May 4th. I say "supposed" to be because there is speculation amongst the staff that she won't come back. I actually really do enjoy the work i do but i am longing to work part time. I really despise working every day and not being home getting things accomplished. I have already expressed to my boss that if for some reason she doesn't return I still do not want to say full time. My boss also mentioned me learning another billing area, medicare, which is fine but i plan to tell her, though I am willing to learn it, i only want to be a fill in person, i do not desire full time work at this point. I know it probably sounds crazy to some to not want to work, with the current economic situation i should be thankful i have a job, but I have learned since having Faith that there is way more to life than money & a career. Being a mom is and always will be more important than money or a job.
Well speaking of said job, i really should get ready and get Faith up and ready as well.
In parting here's a couple pictures taken during our trip - enjoy!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

She's here...

The camper that is, not sure why she's a she, but she just is....
We had supper in there last night, i promised Faith we would, it was fun.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Saturday, April 11, 2009


I finished the quilt...see my sewing blog for pictures.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Last minute spring break trip...

Mom and I were talking tuesday, i think it was, about the fact that we havn't made a trip to Lancaster PA (we've mentioned it several times but just never done it). We want to hit the fabric shops for one thing, as well as do some fun stuff with the girls. SO, we decided to just go during Chey's spring break from school. So we are leaving Thursday the 16th and coming home on Sunday the 19th. Short trip but should be plenty of time to do the things we want to do. It's really the first time i've seen mom really "light up" about doing something. I really think with everything we've been through this last couple years it will do us good to get away together. It will be just the girls, me, Faith, mom and Chey. I think it will be a great way for us to connect as a family and have a bit of fun. Faith is very excited about going to "pen vania" and riding a train. There is this old steam engine that you can take a ride on through Amish country, John and I did it when we visited a few years back, it was fun.

Also exciting coming up is the fact that John will bring home our camper on monday! We are really excited to get it here and be able to start loading it up with stuff for our first big camping trip with his May 15-17th with some of our dearest friends. Then we go again the next weekend to Cranberry Lake for Memorial day w/ cheyanne going with us. Then during John's vacation in June we have planned a 6 day camping trip up on the St Lawrence river, at one of the state parks. You can watch the freight ships go by as the campground is right on the shipping channel, cool huh. Faith is so excited about her "camping party's". LOL everything is a party to this girl! I think we should be a bit concerned about that, but for now it's cute.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Beyond miserable...

I have a beyond miserable little girl. She had a pajama party with her Grandma last night. It actually was all the girls and grandma. Cheyanne, Lori (my neice) and Faith all stayed with my mom. I think they had fun but Faith is SO tired. She didn't sleep well at all and because we were super busy today, she never got a nap. Needless to say she's wandering around MISERABLE right now.