Sunday, March 29, 2009

Sometimes it sneaks up on you...

I have been a bit emotional lately, not feeling well, stress and what not all boiling up on occassion. Today I sat in my parent's garage in my dad's old chair and just let it out for a while. I miss him so much....

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Good Christian Panties ...

You have to see this, you know me i don't post it unless it's GOOD!
Good Christian Panties

Monday, March 23, 2009

Where does the time go??

Time is just flying lately!
This weekend was a flurry of activity. Saturday i went to the church and did quilting with some ladies there, it was fun and i'm getting closer to be finished with my cousin's wedding gift, I had no idea it would take this long, but it is looking so beautiful, i'm very proud of it. We also talked about the possibility of getting together more, which i think would be great.
Sunday we had church. Then we signed our paperwork for our new camper, but i was bummed we couldn't look at it again cause they had locked it all up and put it out in the storage area, and it was so cold we didn't want to walk all the way up there and potentially through mud to see it. We'll be getting it mid april, so excited.
Then we stopped to see some friends for a few minutes. Then to dinner with my MIL and her boyfriend. Then grocery shopping. Then a couple more errands and finally HOME. PHEW!
Seems like in some way or another every weekend is like that lately, so much catching up from during the week. But maybe being busy is a good thing too, right? I am not convinced of that yet.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Our new "toy"...

We did it, we bought a camper. After 2 years of looking, debating, putting it off we bought this beauty.
The pictures are some stock photos of the same model and set up, only difference is ours has slightly different fabric. They don't show the bathroom but it's to the right of the bunk area in the back, the toilet/shower are actually "in" the bathroom, the sink is to the right of the door (behind where the door opens) which is a little different but i like it because it makes the bathroom a little roomer than most campers.
Anyway here it is :

So where the heck have i been?

Honestly just working and trying to squeeze a life in after that. I'm gonna be honest it was a lot easier working when i didn't have a child and i honestly dont' like working, again don't mind the actual job just hate the guilt and chaos of it all.
I also have not been feeling good at all lately. I think the stress of dad's illness and death, combined with John's aunt's illness and death, combined with going back to work stress, has made me have a major flare of my fibromyalgia. I don't talk about it a lot because many people (even doctors) don't believe it's a "real" illness, so i tend to not mention it much. When i first went to college I experienced the normal transitioning stress, friend/relationship stress, etc and just got feeling so sick. At first doctors thought depression, took meds for that but the pain in my joints & muscles just didn't go away. Finally my mom took me to a rheumatologist, initially thinking I may have inherited her Lupus. But the rheumatologist did a bunch of tests and concluded that I had fibromyalgia. She put me on many different meds, which helped a bit here and there. But after a while i just felt like the meds didn't do that much to help so i just kinda "lived with it" all this time. I've found ways to modify things I do, and tricks to help the pain, like hot showers and meditation like therapy to help relax and rest. Many things go along with fibromyalgia like having very restless sleep being one of them, that's been a problem now for 6 months or more. There's other fun stuff too like an irritable bowel & bladder (which is why i know where just about every public bathroom is). The worst of it though is definately the joint & muscle pain, which has been getting progressively worse for going on about 2 weeks now. Don't get me wrong, i pretty much have pain all the time but it's very tolerable and managable w/ a bit of motrin, hot showers, occassional massages, etc. But boy the last two weeks it's just getting BAD. I have been taking more motrin than i'd like to (since it's so bad for your stomach) and the discomfort has really made the working/home situation worse. I dont' know if I should try to go see the rheumatologist again after all this time, and see if maybe she can help (but i hate going to doctors so i don't know). For now I guess i'm taking a wait and see and hope it gets better approach.

On a happier front I think we are going to just take the plunge and buy a camper this year. We have put it off now the last 2 years, but we want one so badly. We want to spend a lot of quality time with Faith. And we want the ability to get away from home and do something really relaxing as much as possible. I think it will be a huge benefit to our family. Last fall we said we would definately do it this spring, but well you know what happened to the economy since then, so we had put it on hold again. But we decided we are going for it. Our car is officially paid off in a month. With me working full time right now it has given us the ability to save up some money as well as pay down some debt. We also decided we can give up other things in our life to make the camper dream happen. So we'll be working on that over the next couple months and hope to camp all summer and part of the fall probably too.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

What's new with Faith E...

Faith is fantastic. She's so grown up. Talks like CRAZY and is learning to be a total smarty pants. She's also learned how to make mama feel guilty. This week Faith has learned the button to push to make mama feel guilty. The other days she said "i don't wanna go grandma's i want stay with you mama" and then that night she said she wanted to "sleep mama's bed" and of course i said no (i finally broke her of sleeping with me quite a while ago) anyway she responded "but i miss you mama" so of course she got to sleep with me right LOL Yesterday morning in the sweetest little voice she said "you don't go work today mama?" and i said no and she said "good" and smiled. Stinker.
She can count forward to 12 and backward from 10. She knows the ABC's and gets them right for the most part, she sometimes skips one or two. She knows all the basic colors. Right now we are working on shapes and she's got the basic square, circle, triangle. Now i'm trying to get her to know oval, heart, rectangle, star, etc. She loves to sing. She also loves to read, her favorite story (the she repeats all the time to herself) is 5 Little Monkeys Jumping on the bed. She also has a very very creative imagination she often reinacts her favorite episodes of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and Tigger & Pooh.
She is just barely 26 lbs (depends on when you weigh her LOL) and she is 36 1/2" tall, I can't believe how tall she is. She now has a 14" inseam which means her waist can fit in 18/24 clothing but she needs size 3T for length. So shopping or sewing for her is a real challenge right now. I don't have much sewing time working full time right now so i've had to buy her a few things so that when we go out and about she's not wearing "high waters" LOL I hopefully will only be working part time by late spring and i'll have more time then to sew for her.

Great day yesterday...

We decided to take off and go to Syracuse and do a bit of shopping and have lunch. I wanted to take Faith to Carosel mall to ride the carosel and go to build a bear, but we ended up over on Erie blvd to eat so we just decided to go ahead and go shopping over there. First we went to that HUGE Barnes & Noble, OMG book heaven, without a 2 1/2 year old i definately would have stayed in there longer (and spent more money i'm sure, so maybe not staying too long was a good thing?). Anyway i got this book Deceptively Delicious by Jessica Seinfeld, at the sledding party last weekend someone had made some cookies from this book that had of all things chick peas in them, and OMG were they ever good. So i just had to have the book. I read through most all of the recipes last night and OMG is it ever a great cook book. So many sneaky was to get fruits and veggies into your food. We are definately going to be trying it out.
Faith had a ton of fun playing in their kids section. They have a train table which she really liked, would have liked it more had there not been a little "bully" standing there too, telling her she couldn't do anything. I was in awe that this kids parents were close by and not saying a word about him being so mean to my little princess. So i loudly said "It's okay Faith you can play with the train too, go ahead". ARGH some people annoy me. Anyway she got to pick out a book and she picked out a Little Golden book (remember those?) about a bear going to bed, can't remember the exact title. I also picked up two homeschool workbooks, one on the alphabet and one on shapes/colors. John got a really neat almanac book of facts, in my opinion great bathroom type reading, however I never get to stay in there long enough to read more than a sentance LOL

We then went to the shoppintown mall, which i must say seems to be on it's last legs, there was one whole wing of empty stores (for the most part). I don't know if they are planning to redo it or something? But i got some AWESOME deals on a few things for Faith. She has suddenly outgrown her 2T pants and desperately needed some. At Gymboree, my absolute favorite store for little girl clothing, i got her 2 pairs of pants, 2 matching shirts, hair clips and sunglasses for $35 total. For those of you familiar with Gymboree this is a steal. I have made a deal with John that if I shop there I will ONLY shop the clearance rack and that's what i did, worked out great. Then he wanted to go to Sears, so I figured i'd at least browse their kids section. Found her 2 jackets in size 3T one winter reversible and one fall/spring weight reversible. They were $7.99 each!!! $7.99 OMG i freaked. I so wished they'd had 3T snow pants, because those were on sale cheap too, but alas no 3T. I love love love getting good deals LOL.
Not much else to report from the other stores but Faith had fun. We had fun and it got us away from the house for the whole afternoon.

On another fun front we are currently planning a summer getaway for early June, i know not really summer but it will be fun none the less. We had so wanted to get a camper this year, but we are trying really hard to follow the sensible part of our brains on this one, and in this economy not make a major purchase like that. So since we won't be camping this year, we are going to take at least one longer vacation and maybe a weekend or something closer to fall. It's so fun to plan :-)