Sunday, March 1, 2009

What's new with Faith E...

Faith is fantastic. She's so grown up. Talks like CRAZY and is learning to be a total smarty pants. She's also learned how to make mama feel guilty. This week Faith has learned the button to push to make mama feel guilty. The other days she said "i don't wanna go grandma's i want stay with you mama" and then that night she said she wanted to "sleep mama's bed" and of course i said no (i finally broke her of sleeping with me quite a while ago) anyway she responded "but i miss you mama" so of course she got to sleep with me right LOL Yesterday morning in the sweetest little voice she said "you don't go work today mama?" and i said no and she said "good" and smiled. Stinker.
She can count forward to 12 and backward from 10. She knows the ABC's and gets them right for the most part, she sometimes skips one or two. She knows all the basic colors. Right now we are working on shapes and she's got the basic square, circle, triangle. Now i'm trying to get her to know oval, heart, rectangle, star, etc. She loves to sing. She also loves to read, her favorite story (the she repeats all the time to herself) is 5 Little Monkeys Jumping on the bed. She also has a very very creative imagination she often reinacts her favorite episodes of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and Tigger & Pooh.
She is just barely 26 lbs (depends on when you weigh her LOL) and she is 36 1/2" tall, I can't believe how tall she is. She now has a 14" inseam which means her waist can fit in 18/24 clothing but she needs size 3T for length. So shopping or sewing for her is a real challenge right now. I don't have much sewing time working full time right now so i've had to buy her a few things so that when we go out and about she's not wearing "high waters" LOL I hopefully will only be working part time by late spring and i'll have more time then to sew for her.

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