Saturday, May 31, 2008


It's the sweetest most wonderful way to wake up in the morning. Several times in the last few weeks I have awoken to a little voice on the baby monitor calling "mama" "maaaamaaaaa" "mama" So cute and it just makes your heart melt to think for the longest time i didn't think i'd ever get this wonderful pleasure. Thank you God for my beautiful daughter :-)

Friday, May 30, 2008


I love staying home with Faith, I really do. But sometimes i get restless and irritated and moody, i think because of being mostly at home (more so lately because of gas prices) is really the hard part, you get "cabin fever" all year long, not just in the winter. And when i'm already in a "mood" and then John is in one too, it's not good :( Good thing tomorrow is the weekend, hopefully we can get out and do something as a family, that would be nice.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

6 quirky things about me

Diana, my a dear friend, has tagged me for a '6 Quirky things meme'
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6 quirky things about me:

1. I get very excited saving money on groceries. I love to look at the bottom of the receipt where it says "you saved XX", i get all excited to figure out how much i'm paying for things individually too.
2. I have to have a pillow to snuggle up with at night, it has nothing to do with sleeping alone 5 nights a week cause even when John is home I don't like to snuggle up to him, in fact he's so hot and sweaty i try to stay far away.
3. I love to cook, but i don't really like using recipes (except for baking), i love to just wing it. I've come up with some really good things, some really "interesting" things too.
4. As a child I had several stuffed animals, my three favorites were (in no particular order), Potsy, Fred and Smokey. I still have them all :-)
5. I absolutely loved being pregnant and miss it terribly. Yes at the time the end came close i was getting uncomfortable but I really miss that bond you have with baby while in utero that noone else can really share, it's just the two of you, i miss rubbing my baby belly and talking with Faith. Don't get me wrong i'm thrilled to have her in the world talking, and growing and learning, but i miss being pregnant and if I ever am lucky enough to be pregnant again i will try my hardest to savour every moment and not wish the time away.
6. I have a personality that a lot of people just don't like. I'm frank, honest and speak my mind. I've lost many "friends" because of it. The way i look at it is that i'm not a very good friend if i'm not honest, if i don't share and if i can't speak my mind. I find that i'm not the first person people call to hang out with, go places with, or invite over, and that's okay I tend to keep to myself a lot anyway, but at the same time sometimes it hurts to feel like you aren't the "popular one".

Okay now i tag -

Well I guess i only tag 5, cause Diana already did it and i'm out of people to tag LOL See no friends....

A great weekend...

We got so much accomplished. The fenced in yard is totally complete, with gate and all. So nice to go in there and let Faith run around, knowing the neighbors aren't staring at us, the neighborhood wandering dogs can't get it, Faith can play to her hearts content. We just have to stain it at some point, but for now it's fantastic! Daddy also got Faith swing set all put together, one last finishing touch is to find the right bolts to hang her baby swing on it too, we left off one swing in order to do that. She just loves it and as we predicted when it's time to come inside she says "no, no, no". John also got our planter box finished around our mailbox, and i planted flowers there and in a couple containers. So the yard is a bit more "pretty". We fixed our flag pole holder thing so we can now hang out our flag again. Oh and don't forget about the big memorial day NBFD parade, it last all of 1 minute and contained the NBFD ambulance, 3 fire trucks and 1 fire truck each from W. Carthage and Deferiet. What a cruddy parade, LOL. Only in Natural Bridge, would they call 6 vehicles a parade and at $5 a gallon for diesel waste it to drive around the block. We did end up going out to dinner Saturday night, just John and I. It was really delicious and nice to get out alone for a while. Sunday we had a picnic in our new fenced in area with his mom, Marty, Helen and Doug, that was great too, lots of visiting and it's always more fun to eat outside, i wonder why that is? Well hope everyone else had a great weekend!

Friday, May 23, 2008

B L A H ! ! !

Do you ever have a week where you just kinda feel BLAH?
I am just in a funk this week.
I guess part of the problem is the darn economy, that has me down. I hate feeling like you have to plan out every little thing you do, place you go based on how friggin expensive gas is getting. I feel guilty to just go even to my mom's or something cause gas is just getting so out of hand. I'm terrible about combining trips and planning ahead, so this just STINKS!
The weather most definately is NOT helping this week either. I mean it's the end of May for pete's sake and it's cold and rainy, WTF? Yesterday i didn't feel well all day, had a migraine and a tummy upset. Don't think Faith really felt very good either. We both just lazed around all day and did nothing.
John and I have pretty much said we aren't going anywhere this weekend, just going to hang out around home and get some much needed stuff done here, my list of things to do is pretty long, so honestly that's the "responsible" thing to do. But man, i just feel like all we do lately is "responsible" stuff. Ya know, save gas, save money, not buy extras, not go out to dinner, etc. It just STINKS! Sometimes don't ya just wanna be "BAD?"
Anyway hopefully i can find a way to lift my funk today and accomplish something other than sitting on my ever expanding rear end.
Okay back to your regularly scheduled blogging....

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Apples & Pears in pink...

This is an outfit I made for a trade with my friend Marlena. She the work at home mom behind Love My Pretty One and I asked her about doing a trade for bows. We love her bows as they stay in Faith's fine hair so well. Here's the outfit i made her daughter. I used Alexander Henry's Pears & Apples print in pink. The wind kept blowing the outfit around, so the picture is a little "off" and there's a few wrinkles as i didn't do the final press yet. What do you think?

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Mild, Hot or Fire sauce with that???

Okay so we drove through Taco Bell, not for food, just for a big soda to share. So John orders a "large root beer" and the kid on the other end says "anything else" and john said "no that's it" and the kid said the total due and "would you like mild, hot or fire sauce?" and we just kinda sat there dumbfounded for a minute and i couldn't take it anymore and yelled "it's just a soda!"...and the poor kid stumbled out a "just kidding" of course the kid is probably mortified, so John couldn't just let it go, when he handed him the soda john says "so where's my hot sauce"....LOL

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Benefit Quilt

Here is the quilt mom and I collaborated on for the benefit for Shane & Shena. I think overall it turned out great. I learned to remember about seam allowances when doing the applique borders ahead of time, as you can see the flowers ended up getting "cut off" on the edges when the pieces were all sewn together, my bad. Overall i feel it's gorgeous. Sue & Ed ended up buying it together and are giving it to Shena, which makes mom and I feel great! (I should note that in this picture 2 of the bindings still had to be sewn down.)

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Where's my $117,000

Stay at home Mom's salary

Early Morning Ramblings

So it's now 4:48 am. I have been up since 3:30. Originally i got up to go to the potty, a normal thing for me. For some reason i couldn't get back to sleep and was just laying there totally awake, so I just decided i'd be better off getting up. So downstairs i came, turn on the computer, make coffee, put dog out, feed cat (so he'll shut up), turn on oven, mix muffins, bake muffins, have cup of coffee, read email, cruise my favorite websites, spend quite a bit of time on ebay looking for things that Faith probably doesn't really need, get up for another cup of coffee and here I am. Honestly I probably could have made this a much more productive morning, but jeez i did make muffins.
John's friend will be here a bit later to get started on the fence project, i'm so incredibly thrilled about this. A fenced in yard means a lot of room for Faith to play safely and privately. No neighbors staring at us, no stray dogs wandering over to potentially harm my child, or pee on all her toys or leave piles of "stuff" in my nice play area to have to scrape off shoes. So i'm pretty darned excited. Faith will be thrilled when Daddy has time to put together her great big swing we got her, i don't know if they'll get that done this weekend or not, but it will soon and I just know there will be hours and hours of fun play. Not to mention something she can invite her friends over to play on, okay mommy invites them but she does enjoy her "social time".
She's talking up a storm, i mean a really big gale force wind storm. And one really cute new thing is shaking your hand, like a real hand shake. She'll come up to you for no known reason, put out her hand, give you a nice firm shake and say "okay then bye". LMAO, she's so incredibly cute! Thank you God for such a precious gift.
Oh and while we are on the subject of precious gifts from God I read yesterday that Michelle Dugger (that "famous" TV mom with 17 kids) is pregnant with #18. She's 41 years old and has spent something like 11 years of her life pregnant. I would assume she's been pregnant or breastfeeding since she was about 20 years old. At first I was annoyed, i admit it, it annoys me that some people are able to have large families. But i have to say in everything i have seen and read they are great parents, they can afford to have a large family, the children actually seem to thrive. I told John that I have to be honest with myself that my "annoyance" is more of a frustration and plain old jealousy. Now granted i definately under no uncertain terms want 18 children. And i tried so hard to promise myself that if I got just 1 healthy child I would be happy. But my heart has been yearning so badly for another baby, i mean yearning, i honestly feel more desire than I did before Faith. Before Faith i felt broken, i felt unfulfilled, i felt sad, depressed, angry and like i was just missing out. Now i just have this strong yearning feeling, i'm not really angry, i'm not really sad (maybe a little sad at times but nowhere near like before), i just have this desire in my heart for another baby. It doesn't help that my dear little miracle is infatuated with babies. She'll see one on tv and will chatter on and on about the "baby". The second she sees someone with a baby carrier she wants to peek inside and see who's in there, yup "BABY" she'll tell me. I guess time will tell if there is another baby in our future, we are just kinda in a wait and see pattern.
Well I guess that's enough rambling for this morning. Maybe I'll get up and go do something truely productive. Or maybe i'll just go browse online some more....

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Don't you hate it when...

You are all ready to clean, you have the energy for once, you have the desire (sort of) and you're ready to go. You get started, you are on a good streak, even though you have a little toddler following you around "helping" you are getting things done, YEAH. Even made it through a pee pee accident (toddler not mama). So you are pressing on and then...yup you are ready to mop and you can't find your mop bucket...where in the world could it be? it's a bucket it's not like it can hide....i bet the husband has used it for some purpose and not returned it, so you go ask husband, "i don't know" is the you look around and still can't find it, oh well guess i'll use a trash can....however i will bet you that sometime this weekend it will miraculously surface, my guess would be somewhere out in the garage....

Monday, May 5, 2008

Wouldn't it seem logical...

That a 60+ year old woman shouldn't wear sweatpants adorned with the words "Baby Girl". Well apparently this isn't obvious to everyone in the world as I saw a very elderly, i would say between 65 & 75 wearing a pair of sweets with the words "baby girl" all over them, thankfully they weren't the ones with the words accross the butt or i probably would have laughed out loud....

Sunday, May 4, 2008

First attempt sewing with knit fabric

I've been afraid to sew with knits because of the stretch, but it wasn't that bad. I learned a few things. These pants certainly aren't perfect but like everything else i've ever made i will surely get better with practice. I plan to make all of Faith's summer PJs. They will be nightgowns as well as shorts/shirt sets. I have a bunch of knits i've bought for this purpose so i will be getting working on that soon.
The pants match a shirt my good friend Hilary made a while ago, i used the leftover fabric :-)
I have a special project to do this week (think holiday next weekend), and I will post pics of that when i'm done, then more clothes for bug next.
Also i should have a picture up this week of the quilt mom and I did together for the benefit for Shena & Shane (my cousin that is having a baby with spina bifida), it's so pretty, mom is currently finishing the quilting part.