Sunday, May 4, 2008

First attempt sewing with knit fabric

I've been afraid to sew with knits because of the stretch, but it wasn't that bad. I learned a few things. These pants certainly aren't perfect but like everything else i've ever made i will surely get better with practice. I plan to make all of Faith's summer PJs. They will be nightgowns as well as shorts/shirt sets. I have a bunch of knits i've bought for this purpose so i will be getting working on that soon.
The pants match a shirt my good friend Hilary made a while ago, i used the leftover fabric :-)
I have a special project to do this week (think holiday next weekend), and I will post pics of that when i'm done, then more clothes for bug next.
Also i should have a picture up this week of the quilt mom and I did together for the benefit for Shena & Shane (my cousin that is having a baby with spina bifida), it's so pretty, mom is currently finishing the quilting part.


Sherry said...

Those are sweet! Are you using a serger?

Sarah said...

Yup. The only thing I had trouble with was getting the waistband to look good, the serger parts are easy, the top stitching for the waistband i found difficult, i guess I havn't found just the right stitch yet.