Tuesday, April 29, 2008

A new obsession....

If you havn't noticed i have a new obsession, sewing. But more specifically i have a fabric obsession. Sooner or later John is bound to notice all the fabric coming into the house lately. My latest addition are knit prints that I am going to make into PJs for Faith which she is in desparate need of for summer. I havn't ever sewn with knits so this will be a trial and error thing i'm sure. I think i'm gonna try a t-shirt first, if that goes well i'll try some shorts, to make a matching set. Then i want to make some nightgowns too i think. Not sure what we'll use most this summer, depends a lot on if she potty trains or not. As of yet she is still refusing potty, i think she's just being totally stubborn cause i know she gets the idea, which is really irritating, but that's for another post.
Anyway I am always in search of fabric lately, got any you want to get rid of???

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Sherry said...

I never get rid of fabric...well except last May when I went a little crazy and sold WCC lock stock and embroidery machine...and ALL my fabric. LOL

Gotta love a dh that thinks you weren't in your right mind and goes right back out and buys you a new emb machine cause he knows how much you miss it. hahaha!

I can't wait to look through the other posts I have missed to see what you have made!