Monday, April 7, 2008

What a great weekend...

The weather was FANTASTIC! We were out and about Saturday w/out Faith, she stayed with Grandma and Chey to play while mom & dad went to he home show, which was in my opinion a waste of time & money. They charge $5 per adult to get in and there weren't enough vendors in my opinion to say so and most of the vendors didn't even act like they really cared to sell you anything. I expect a show like that will have great sales & specials for home owners, new products to check out and friendly people to talk with. I didn't really find much of any of this. And the things we did find and get information on we could have totally gotten ourselves outside of the home show. So congratulations North Country Builders Association, you got $10 out of us, not to worry though we discouraged several friends from wasting their time & money and i don't think we'll ever go again.
So after the home show we got some lunch and did a bit of shopping. Then we had to stop at the mother in laws to fix their computer, very funny, yet creepy story there but i won't post about it, if you want to know just call me and I'll tell ya. Picked up Faith bug and spent a relaxing evening at home.
Sunday was so bright and sunny we just couldn't stay in all day and given that we still had a good amount of snow to melt there wasn't much we could do outside either. So after John did some work in the garage and I cleaned up in the house we took off for the day. It was great! We visited his aunt for a while. Had some lunch w/ Faith, she was really cute dipping french fries in ketchup and eating her hamburger just like daddy, she's such a mimick. Then we went for a little drive and visited our friends Chris & Andrea. They were out working on their deck, very nice. I love the little pond they have in front of their house, they even have a few geese living by it, very nice and relaxing. Their little guy is so cute and i love snuggling little ones and he's a snuggly little butterball, with an adorable big smile. After that we went to visit Mike & Tracey for a bit. Lukas of course had to put on his "Fedex outfit" cause Tracey told him John was coming over. For some reason Lukas really loves John, he's always sure to say "hi john" and show him his trucks and what not, totally adorable. We had a really great visit with them too, of course no visit with them is without some of Tracey's great stories, LMAO. We also checked out their new camper, VERY NICE!!!! Kinda got our camper bug going a big again but i think we are still holding off until at least next year when maybe we'd get more enjoyment out of it, we shall see how the home improvements go and see from there. We grabbed subway on the way home, i love their salads, YUM.
All in all it was a great weekend! We need more like that for sure!


Diana said...

I'm glad you enjoyed your weekend!

Sherry said...

Sounds like a great weekend. I won't tell you that we had another inch and a half of snow overnight last night. Fun.

Our annual home show is about like yours...definitely a joke, but we don't have to pay to get in, and we know about half the people that work at it, so its a nice time to catch up! haha