Monday, March 31, 2008

Boring old update...

Nothing too exciting. We had a good weekend, the sun was nice and warm, however it would have been nice if the wind wasn't so cold. It's supposed to warm up this week and I hope this time it stays warm, i'm just sick of the back & forth temperatures.
Potty training continues, yesterday wasn't a good day, she had several accidents, however we were out and about and mommy tried to lay down for a nap and well Daddy just doesn't do things the same. So today I'm planning to stay home all day and pay closer attention to her cues. But i can't complain for her age she's doing very well for only a few days of trying.
I ordered her a cute little Doxie purse to match her Doxie outfit from Gymboree, i can't wait till it gets here, she loves purses anyway so I can't wait to see what she thinks of it.
We got her one of those backpack leash things yesterday and took her to the mall, OMG she loved it. She almost "ran" all the way the length of the mall, then on the way back she was getting very very tired. In a situation like that I really like having the "leash", i know a lot of people probably think it's ridiculous, or like walking a dog but it's safer for her and she gets to walk, which is very good for her. And it's good for mom & dad too, i can't wait till it warms up outside some so we can be out to play more.
John and I need to come up with a list of things we need to try and fix up around here this year, the first priority being new windows. The people that owned this house before us replaced them but they must have bought the cheapest things going because most of them have vent leaks (inside the panes has a frosty appearance and moisture) and some of them have little gaps around the window frame. Also on the list is some sort of fenced in area, ideally we'd like to fence in a large portion of the yard so we can have an outdoor area to relax and let her play, but it will depend on the cost. We are definately going to be fixing our driveway, as it stands now we end up with a large mudhole on the one side because when we added the extra garage stall we didn't do anything other than drive over the lawn, which is what we still do, so John will be renting an excavator of some sort to dig down a few inches and then get some stone delivered, we won't black top it because we are anticipating having to dig it all up in a few years to redo the sewer, but right now that's not high up on the priority list. Anyway guess i've rambled enough for today :-)

Friday, March 28, 2008

Potty training is going pretty well

First day yesterday she did have a diaper when we went to visit my dad and she did wet in it, however i changed her there and when we got home was still dry, so i was able to get her to pee in her potty, YEAH. But then she had a poopy accident, and a pee accident (which incidently was while daddy was holding her and she got his clean work shirt all pee pee, ha ha). Today she wore a diaper when we went to the grocery store but was still dry when we got home, peed in her potty, napped in her big girl pants with no accident, peed again and now i'm thinkign she needs to poop but so far nothing. I honestly think so far it's not horrible, i think she kinda gets the idea. I know it's gonna take a lot more work but i'm proud of myself for not just giving in and putting her back in diapers when she gets mad and cries because i want her to sit on her potty.
And in case you are wondering, no i probably won't post about this every day but since we are just starting I feel compelled to report, and besides it is my blog. LOL

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Some new projects

Been working on more stuff for Faith -
I embellished this shirt to match knit shorts i bought for her for spring/summer. It's hard to see the decorative stitching around the bottom, but it's a lotus flower, one of the designs on my new machine.

These are cross back swing dresses in size 2T a little big but totally adorable. I especially love the dino's hatching print and wish i had bought more than 1 yard of it.
Photobucket Photobucket
Photobucket Photobucket

I am so enjoying sewing, it's really giving me an outlet to all the stress lately, when i can find the time that is.

Monday, March 24, 2008

I think it's roseola

Roseola (also known as sixth disease, exanthem subitum, and roseola infantum) is a viral illness in young children, most commonly affecting those between the ages of 6 months and 2 years. It is typically marked by several days of high fever, followed by a distinctive rash just as the fever breaks.

I really think this is what Faith has. This is exactly what happened with her, fever started Thursday afternoon and ended by this morning which is when i first noticed the rash. The rash has spread today and doesn't not appear itchy or bothersome (which is what it says on the website also). Good thing is it says it's not contagious, only confusion is if it's the rash itself that isn't contagious or the disease as a whole, i am assuming the whole thing :-) So i keep thinking why did i bother to take her to the doctor? I ended up figuring it out on my own, i think i'll call them tomorrow and let them know i solved the mystery.

Edited to add that on another site i found that it is contagious, but before they have symptoms, great...but adults don't get it so hopefully Dad will be fine, last time we visited him was Tuesday (with Faith). Here's the info I found on the contagiousness just in case anyone is curious.
Roseola is contagious and spreads through tiny drops of fluid from the nose and throat of infected people. These drops are expelled when the infected person talks, laughs, sneezes, or coughs. Then if other people breathe the drops in or touch them and then touch their own noses or mouths, they can become infected as well.

The viruses that cause roseola do not appear to be spread by kids while they are exhibiting symptoms of the illness. Instead, someone who has not yet developed symptoms often spreads the infection.

I think she's finally feeling better

Last night I decided to try and put her in her own bed (she had slept all night with me since last thursday night and before that partial nights because she was so cranky). I was less than optimistic that it would work, but i got her all ready for bed and she cried just a minute then went to sleep, didn't hear a peep out of her for 10 hours (8:30pm till 6:30am) I was worried that he fever would spike again during the night but she got up this morning very happy and she was warm but once i got her out of her fleece jammies and she had a few minutes to cool off she was fine. SO, so far today no fever. Acting MUCH better and getting into trouble (a sure sign she feels better). So i still have no clue what was wrong, i still think the flu but who knows. Hoping it stays this way!

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Sick little one....update on dad...

Well poor Faithy Bug has been sick since thursday with a fever and 1 episode of massive vomitting & now diarrhea (after dr. appointment).
Took her to doctors yesterday, wish now in a way i hadn't, it really felt like they tortured her. They checked lungs, ears and throat first. Throat was a little red and she was exposed to strep so they swabbed her throat for strep and the rapid test was negative. So then they stuck a swab up her nose for the flu test, which the doctor really thought was probably it. Takes about 45 minutes for them to finish that one, so we waited because if it wasn't that he wanted to check her urine for an infection. So it wasn't the flu so the poor girl, oh i can't even tell you how awful getting the urine sample was, and the worst of it was that it wasn't a UTI either, i mean if that had been it i probably would have still felt bad but at least we would have had an answer. So the conclusion was that she has a virus, geez thanks. Probably gastrointestinal but with at that point only 1 episode of vomitting and no diarrhea i wasn't sure. However she did have diarrhea last night so maybe that is it. Still running a fever, it goes down to about 100.5 with medication (tylenol/motrin) but that's the lowest it's been since thursday, poor girl is miserable, totally unable to comfort her at times. We've gotten very little sleep as she wakes about every 1-2 hours crying uncontrollably.
I know kids get sick all the time, but realize Faith doesn't. She had 1 ear infection as an infant. She had rotovirus which was MAJOR. And this. Other than that she's had a few little head colds, nothing major at all. So for us it's hard we aren't used to her being sick and she doesn't understand it either, i try to explain to her that mommy would fix it if i could but i know she doesn't understand. Poor girl.

My dad will be having his surgery tuesday to finalize the repair on his broken ankle/leg. He got 2 units of blood transfused on weds. and 2 more units transfused yesterday. They want to try and get his count up for the surgery, for obvious reasons. The doctor is honest about recover and said it will likely be minimum 12 weeks before any weight can be beared on it (normal person would be 6 weeks). He really thinks that dad will not have full use of his leg again. I'm glad for his honesty really because it makes us face reality and prepare for him being mostly wheelchair bound. Mom & Dad are brainstorming solutions for fixing the house to be wheelchair acceptable for him to come home sooner rather than later. It will involve construction so we'll have to enlist some help, my brother is the only carpenter and he has to work too. He'll need a ramp and they are going to have to remodel inside the house too. But we'll get it worked out i'm sure, we have so many wonderful family and friends that we can get it done. There's a lot going on with dad and i thank God that so far he's keeping a positive attitude. I feel really bad that we won't be able to go see him this weekend because of Faith's fever, but we have to be careful that he doesn't get sick, still makes me feel bad though because i know how much she brightens his spirit when she visits.

Okay wow, long post this morning....

Thursday, March 20, 2008

I'm convinced it's time to potty learn

Faith totally knows when she is going potty in her diaper, she often grabs at it, makes a funny face, squats behind the chair etc. She sometimes will even tell me after that she has "poopy". So far she hasn't gone in the potty yet, she did however run behind the recliner squat down and pee in her big girl pants, however i did not scold her just took her to the potty and told her "she isn't supposed to pee in her big girl panties". Today i am going shopping and need to find her more big girl panties, she only has 3 pair so we havn't really been able to try this full time yet. I am anticipating that she will catch on to the idea pretty quickly, we'll see. So far she's very interested in the wiping part, which is hilarious LOL

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

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Monday, March 17, 2008

I've been tagged, again

Thanks to Diana for tagging me again, i am full of random thoughts so i don't mind one bit...

Once you've been 'tagged' you have to write a blog of ten weird/random facts/habits/goals about yourself. At the end choose ten people to be tagged, listing their names and WHY you chose them. Don't forget to leave them comment (you're it!!!) and to read your blog!! You can't tag the person who tagged you. :)

1. I'm drinking a HUGE mug of coffee, i just got this awesome mug from Rising Sun Earthworks , here is a picture of it, isn't it great ?
2. I'm very sad still about my dad falling again and breaking his ankle, we should find out more today about when he will get the surgery to finish setting it, hopefully SOON, but I'm pretty sure they have to transfuse some blood first.
3. Yesterday we moved our living room all around, furniture is all on one end and toys at the other, gives Faith more playroom. Which she needs with her new most favorite ever toy - Photobucket
4. John has been helping out last night and this morning putting in laundry and feeding Faith, YEAH!
5. I can't believe Easter is this Sunday, so so early this year. We are going to John's cousin's house in Auburn to visit and have dinner. Which will be fun.
6. Faith is getting a little better with her sleep again, she did sleep all night in her own bed Saturday night which was great and last night she slept in her own bed until 2:30, so better than last week when she slept in with me just about every night. Don't get me wrong i don't mind her sleeping with me, but i know it's better for everyone if she sleeps in her own bed.
7. I recently totally gave up cloth diapering, i wasn't going to do it, but with all the other stress in my life lately i just needed to get some control and i felt cutting out that aspect would help and it has, so far i honestly don't miss it. I only kept a couple of her special diapers with her name on them, otherwise everything went. I do still have wool pants just because i really like them and I think they'll be good this spring summer over her training pants to help if she has an accident. We bougth her big girl underwear (those quilted heavy ones) and we are gonna try them soon, i really think a few days at home and she'll be daytime learned, she's very quick to pick things up and she knows when she goes because she sometimes tells me. We shall see.
8. I love all of Faith's pretend play, she so mimmicks everything and it's so funny. Yesterday in her new car she was pretending to put on her seat belt and sunglasses, LMAO, hilarious.
9. It's so chilly this morning, i am so sick of this back and forth weather, i just want it to warm up and be done with it already....for some reason this year it's bothering me more than usual.
10. I'm pretty sure i am going to make Corn Chowder for dinner, YUM-O as my favorite TV chef Rachel Ray would say!

Okay so now who do i tag? Well i guess i will tag anyone who reads this to go ahead and post your 10 random thoughts on your blog. :-) how's that :-)

Sunday, March 16, 2008

First ponytail

As many of you know I have been waiting and waiting for Faith to get some hair, it's been coming in slow but sure and just recently has really started filling in and growing. I'm thrilled to announce our first PONYTAIL ... yeah!
Isn't it great :-)

Just for fun

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Friday, March 14, 2008


Dad fell again today, broke his ankle. He'll be going to surgery sometime this afternoon as they couldn't set it with just a cast :(

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Latest creation..

a top for Faith for summer...

Dad is doing great..

My dad is doing awesome in therapy, his main hold up for coming home is being able to do the stairs and get in/out of a vehicle. Well this week he has been able to go up and down the "mock" stairs in physical therapy. He has to go slow and remember which foot to start with to make him the most steady on his feet. The therapist told him that if he keeps doing this well he should be home in 1 month! I can't tell you how happy this makes us all. This last week I have noticed a more and more positive attitude from him. I can't tell you how happy this makes us and what an answer to prayer this is. I can't remember exactly how long ago, maybe a month, he had decided to totally and completely give up, i spent a night crying out to God to help me find the right words to encourage him to keep going, God answered my prayer when I told Dad "I don't like your decision but if this is what you REALLY want I will support you 100%" and I think him knowing that I understood why he wanted to give up and that I loved him and cared for him no matter what, really spoke to his heart. I even told him that on my whole drive up there I prayed for the right thing to say and he responded "it must have worked". That was a special night for me, i've always been so close to my dad, he was my "momdy" and that night was just another example of the special bond i have with my dad.
*Note to mom who reads my blog, not that I don't have a special relationship with you, but i know you know what i mean when i say my special bond with "momdy" :-) *

Friday, March 7, 2008


I am really impressed with Faith's vocabulary, she's saying more and more and more lately. Now i know many words that she says many people wouldn't know she was saying something specific but being with her all day every day I know what she's talking about meaning. What most impressed me yesterday was when she was running around going "one, two, one, two" LOL usually mommy says "one, two, three" but she did pretty good...Also she know signs "ball" and says it at the same time, which is great! Also there is a book of colors and she points to several of them and says the colors, red being the one she knows the best, but she also says yellow, blue and purple but not necessarily when pointing at the right color. The other nigth we were watching a movie and someone had a baby, and she pointed to the TV and said "baby". She's getting so smart and so grown up.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Your dream job ...

Last night while i was trying to relax for bed i was browsing tv and there was a commercial for a new show about mom's that gave up their "dream" to raise their family. It really made me have a sentimental mushy momment to realize that I am truely living my dream. Sure I had career aspirations, but i never had a passion for them. I have ALWAYS had a passion for being a wife and a mommy. A mommy most of all. It makes a new perspective to my sometimes feelings of "ho hum"ness...LOL that's not a word, i know that. But I am so priviledged to be able to stay home with Faith, and do all those things that when i was working I never had time/made time for.

Saturday, March 1, 2008

I'm sick of overalls...

I have to put Faith in overalls just about every day, why you ask? Because little Miss can't get out of overalls, she hasn't figured out how to get naked from overalls, anything else she can get out of. I tried to put her in wool pants and a shirt this morning and already she's running around in her diaper, which on a side note she'll take that off too if i give her enough time. ARGH!!!! I think if it was warm i wouldn't mind, but it's COLD, way too cold to run around naked. I hope she doesn't like to be this naked later in life.