Saturday, March 22, 2008

Sick little one....update on dad...

Well poor Faithy Bug has been sick since thursday with a fever and 1 episode of massive vomitting & now diarrhea (after dr. appointment).
Took her to doctors yesterday, wish now in a way i hadn't, it really felt like they tortured her. They checked lungs, ears and throat first. Throat was a little red and she was exposed to strep so they swabbed her throat for strep and the rapid test was negative. So then they stuck a swab up her nose for the flu test, which the doctor really thought was probably it. Takes about 45 minutes for them to finish that one, so we waited because if it wasn't that he wanted to check her urine for an infection. So it wasn't the flu so the poor girl, oh i can't even tell you how awful getting the urine sample was, and the worst of it was that it wasn't a UTI either, i mean if that had been it i probably would have still felt bad but at least we would have had an answer. So the conclusion was that she has a virus, geez thanks. Probably gastrointestinal but with at that point only 1 episode of vomitting and no diarrhea i wasn't sure. However she did have diarrhea last night so maybe that is it. Still running a fever, it goes down to about 100.5 with medication (tylenol/motrin) but that's the lowest it's been since thursday, poor girl is miserable, totally unable to comfort her at times. We've gotten very little sleep as she wakes about every 1-2 hours crying uncontrollably.
I know kids get sick all the time, but realize Faith doesn't. She had 1 ear infection as an infant. She had rotovirus which was MAJOR. And this. Other than that she's had a few little head colds, nothing major at all. So for us it's hard we aren't used to her being sick and she doesn't understand it either, i try to explain to her that mommy would fix it if i could but i know she doesn't understand. Poor girl.

My dad will be having his surgery tuesday to finalize the repair on his broken ankle/leg. He got 2 units of blood transfused on weds. and 2 more units transfused yesterday. They want to try and get his count up for the surgery, for obvious reasons. The doctor is honest about recover and said it will likely be minimum 12 weeks before any weight can be beared on it (normal person would be 6 weeks). He really thinks that dad will not have full use of his leg again. I'm glad for his honesty really because it makes us face reality and prepare for him being mostly wheelchair bound. Mom & Dad are brainstorming solutions for fixing the house to be wheelchair acceptable for him to come home sooner rather than later. It will involve construction so we'll have to enlist some help, my brother is the only carpenter and he has to work too. He'll need a ramp and they are going to have to remodel inside the house too. But we'll get it worked out i'm sure, we have so many wonderful family and friends that we can get it done. There's a lot going on with dad and i thank God that so far he's keeping a positive attitude. I feel really bad that we won't be able to go see him this weekend because of Faith's fever, but we have to be careful that he doesn't get sick, still makes me feel bad though because i know how much she brightens his spirit when she visits.

Okay wow, long post this morning....


Sherry said...

Poor Faith having to go through all that just to find out it's a virus. Ugh. Hopefully she will be feeling better soon and you and John won't pick it up too.

I am glad to hear that your dad is scheduled for surgery and seems to have a good outlook about it. I hope the remodel goes quickly so he can come home. If I lived anywhere nearby, I would come lend my talents!

Sarah said...

Thanks Sherry. You are such a sweetie :-)

Diana said...

I sure hope Faithy is feeling a bit better today! Poor little bug. I told Eli that Faithy was sick and he promptly said "Awww...NO! NO! BAD!" I don't think he wants her to be sick...LOL!

I hope your dad's surgery goes well. I'm so glad they're being honest with you all too. I really hope he'll be able to return home shortly. I know this has been very hard on him.

Let us know if there is anything we can do for you all. :D