Friday, March 28, 2008

Potty training is going pretty well

First day yesterday she did have a diaper when we went to visit my dad and she did wet in it, however i changed her there and when we got home was still dry, so i was able to get her to pee in her potty, YEAH. But then she had a poopy accident, and a pee accident (which incidently was while daddy was holding her and she got his clean work shirt all pee pee, ha ha). Today she wore a diaper when we went to the grocery store but was still dry when we got home, peed in her potty, napped in her big girl pants with no accident, peed again and now i'm thinkign she needs to poop but so far nothing. I honestly think so far it's not horrible, i think she kinda gets the idea. I know it's gonna take a lot more work but i'm proud of myself for not just giving in and putting her back in diapers when she gets mad and cries because i want her to sit on her potty.
And in case you are wondering, no i probably won't post about this every day but since we are just starting I feel compelled to report, and besides it is my blog. LOL

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Diana said...

I wanna hear more! LOL! :-) So glad she's doing well for you Sarah.