Monday, March 31, 2008

Boring old update...

Nothing too exciting. We had a good weekend, the sun was nice and warm, however it would have been nice if the wind wasn't so cold. It's supposed to warm up this week and I hope this time it stays warm, i'm just sick of the back & forth temperatures.
Potty training continues, yesterday wasn't a good day, she had several accidents, however we were out and about and mommy tried to lay down for a nap and well Daddy just doesn't do things the same. So today I'm planning to stay home all day and pay closer attention to her cues. But i can't complain for her age she's doing very well for only a few days of trying.
I ordered her a cute little Doxie purse to match her Doxie outfit from Gymboree, i can't wait till it gets here, she loves purses anyway so I can't wait to see what she thinks of it.
We got her one of those backpack leash things yesterday and took her to the mall, OMG she loved it. She almost "ran" all the way the length of the mall, then on the way back she was getting very very tired. In a situation like that I really like having the "leash", i know a lot of people probably think it's ridiculous, or like walking a dog but it's safer for her and she gets to walk, which is very good for her. And it's good for mom & dad too, i can't wait till it warms up outside some so we can be out to play more.
John and I need to come up with a list of things we need to try and fix up around here this year, the first priority being new windows. The people that owned this house before us replaced them but they must have bought the cheapest things going because most of them have vent leaks (inside the panes has a frosty appearance and moisture) and some of them have little gaps around the window frame. Also on the list is some sort of fenced in area, ideally we'd like to fence in a large portion of the yard so we can have an outdoor area to relax and let her play, but it will depend on the cost. We are definately going to be fixing our driveway, as it stands now we end up with a large mudhole on the one side because when we added the extra garage stall we didn't do anything other than drive over the lawn, which is what we still do, so John will be renting an excavator of some sort to dig down a few inches and then get some stone delivered, we won't black top it because we are anticipating having to dig it all up in a few years to redo the sewer, but right now that's not high up on the priority list. Anyway guess i've rambled enough for today :-)

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