Monday, March 24, 2008

I think she's finally feeling better

Last night I decided to try and put her in her own bed (she had slept all night with me since last thursday night and before that partial nights because she was so cranky). I was less than optimistic that it would work, but i got her all ready for bed and she cried just a minute then went to sleep, didn't hear a peep out of her for 10 hours (8:30pm till 6:30am) I was worried that he fever would spike again during the night but she got up this morning very happy and she was warm but once i got her out of her fleece jammies and she had a few minutes to cool off she was fine. SO, so far today no fever. Acting MUCH better and getting into trouble (a sure sign she feels better). So i still have no clue what was wrong, i still think the flu but who knows. Hoping it stays this way!

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Diana said...

I sure hope she's still doing well, Sarah! Poor little Faithy bug!