Saturday, June 13, 2009

Camping at Jacques Cartier

Here are some pictures i took while we were camping this last week. It was a very relaxing time. Faith had a lot of fun playing. She has decided she does not like fishing. I caught a large mouth bass and she cried and cried when daddy was taking the hook out. She kept saying "daddy put him back". Poor thing.

The shipping channel goes right by the campground, it's so cool to watch the ships, we saw many!


There were tons of baby waterfowl. 3 different duck families and probably 3 different goose families. Faith loved going down to the water to talk to the babies :)

Faith rode her "bike" all around the campground. She also rode in her wagon and her car a lot.

How can you possibly beat this view?

Friday, June 5, 2009

Garage sales...

Today is day #1 of our vacation. John will be home shortly and then we officially do not have to return to work until June 15th.
I am going to pick up some stuff I "pre purchased" from a yard sale yesterday, a Barbie Jeep and a 12" Dora bicycle for Faith bug. I'm super excited to get her more outdoor play stuff, she loves riding her tricycle and i just know she's gonna love her bike too (it has training wheels). It's also community wide garage sales in Carthage, so i hope I can hit a few of those between today and tomorrow and maybe find her some play clothes and other new toys, she's getting bored with her current toys so more would be good. Not to mention more stuff for our camper, garage sales are great places to find that kind of stuff. And besides being thrifty is in my blood, i can't help it. Thanks to my Dad I very early found a love of garage sales, one of my first memories is holding my dad's hand walking up a driveway to a sale :-) Not to mention the memories i have of going with my Grandparents too, Grandma used to let me sit on the "hump" in their old Dodge conversion van, she would feed me cheese crackers and zingers (the ones with the coconut on them), what an awesome Grandma. To this day when i eat zingers i think of her. I didn't know it at the time but my Grandparents used to buy us gifts from garage sales, i guess we didn't know the difference LOL However, one time Grandma bought me a "dress" that was really a maternity top LOL
I'll be sure to post my finds :-)