Tuesday, April 29, 2008

A new obsession....

If you havn't noticed i have a new obsession, sewing. But more specifically i have a fabric obsession. Sooner or later John is bound to notice all the fabric coming into the house lately. My latest addition are knit prints that I am going to make into PJs for Faith which she is in desparate need of for summer. I havn't ever sewn with knits so this will be a trial and error thing i'm sure. I think i'm gonna try a t-shirt first, if that goes well i'll try some shorts, to make a matching set. Then i want to make some nightgowns too i think. Not sure what we'll use most this summer, depends a lot on if she potty trains or not. As of yet she is still refusing potty, i think she's just being totally stubborn cause i know she gets the idea, which is really irritating, but that's for another post.
Anyway I am always in search of fabric lately, got any you want to get rid of???

Saturday, April 26, 2008

First day at the park

Thursday we had our first visit to the park for this year. We met our friends Diana, Elijah and Moriah to play. It was gorgeous weather and the kids had a really really good time. They love each other so much. Here are a couple pictures.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

More savings and gorgeous weather.

Man the people that went away for spring break this year, really wasted their money, this week has been GORGEOUS. Weds. we took the kids to the zoo (mom and I took Faith and Chey) and had a great time. The weather was so nice and it was so fun now that Faith is a little older. Thursday we went up to see papa and had a picnic outside with him, that was fun too and i really think getting out in the sunshine was good for him. Yesterday i did my grocery shopping for the week and had an awesome time, now that i am doing this coupon thing i am loving shopping, it's like a game. Some of my good buys were 10 packages of Huggies flushable moist wipes for a only 23 cents per package!!! I got 4 boxes of cinnamon life cereal for 58 cents per box. I also got several items totally FREE, for example i had a $1 coupon for malt o meal cereal, they were on sale for 10/$10 (which on a side note you don't have to buy 10 of them) and so with the coupon, totally FREE, there were a few others like that too. I did have to buy quite a bit this week that wasn't a coupon item, but was on sale or cheap because we needed things, but in total i spent $157 on a trunk FULL of groceries so i think that i did really well, considering there was quite a bit of meat and other items included in that total. Off to enjoy another gorgeous day!!!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Mama's been at it again and some other fun pictures

This outfit totally feeds my pink/brown obsession. I have to say this outfit has turned out the best of all the ones i've made so far. I had to readjust my serger settings cause Faith totally messed with them, but i got it just right and it really went smooth.

"What mom? I'm not supposed to climb on the roof of the car? You are no fun!" Can't you just see it in her eyes??

Poor Chester takes an awful lot from Faith. She noticed he was in the bathtub on this day (looking for a drink probably, wouldn't want to drink outta the cat bowl right). Anyway she sat right down with the cup and soap and pretended to give him a bath. What a cutie pie.

All ready to go for a ride in the truck. She broke those cute sunglasses later in the day, ARGH!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

No sleep....

Well Friday night i got 55 minutes of sleep. Part of it was my own fault because i drank 2 glasses of Diet Pepsi Max with dinner, knowing full well it has extra caffeine and what not in it. So i was awake until 12:30, fell asleep about 12:35 and woke up promptly at 1:30. Couldn't get back to sleep and tossed and turned until Faith woke up because of the storm at like 3-3:30. There were huge claps of thunder, and the really big one that shook the house woke her up screaming, ear piercing screams, poor girl. So took her quite a while to settle down, got in bed with mama and she finally went to sleep about 4:30, of course i couldn't get back to sleep adn about the time I did she woke up fo rthe day at 6:20. ARGH.
Okay so all day yesterday I dragged bad, and of course being Saturday so did John. He tends to not go to bed when he gets home from work on Saturdays cause sleeping tends to just ruin the day, and make it harder to sleep Saturday night, i do agree with him so generally on Saturdays he's a bit moody. Add to that the fact that I was wicked tired and moody and we made quite a pair.
So our hope was that we would get a good nights sleep last night and be able to get a lot more accomplished today. Well right out of the gate she gave us a wicked hard time going to bed, she didn't seem to want to sleep in her own bed, finally got her down about 9:30, she should have been in bed at 7:30 or 8 at the latest. We went to sleep and got so/so sleep until i got up to go potty at 3 am and Faith of course heard me and cried to come get inour bed. She didn't settle down for over an hour and then even when she did I don't think John & I really slept. So last night we got maybe 5 hours of so/so sleep. And needless to say we are both miserable this morning.
I think part of her issue is she is getting the 2 year molars, i just pray they come in FAST and we go back to our good sleep pattern soon.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Ever play the coupon game ??

Well i have always been skeptical that it really pays off to clip coupons for more than things you normally buy. But after hearing a lot lately about the "Grocery game" I decided why not give it a try. The general premise i am following is that you try to only buy items that are on sale & you have a coupon for. Also i have everyone saving me coupons so that i have multiples of each coupon. I have to study the sale flyers and match up the coupons for the best deals. Today I did P&C in Carthage w/ a large envelope of coupons. I won't go into detail about every item i got, but included are 10 boxes of cereal (all name brands), snacks, baking mixes, frozen meals for quick dinners/lunches, soap, deodorant, 18 containers of yoplait yogurt, 3 cans of coffee, 2 bottles of soda, some bottled marinades, some taco items. The only item i bought without having a coupon was boneless skinless chicken that was on sale for $1.97 lb which is a huge deal so I bought like 5 lbs of it. So.....drumroll please.....
My total before any savings would have been $167.07. I only paid $78.64!!! Less than 1/2 of the regular price. I saved a total of $88.43. WOOT! I was so excited i couldn't wait to call someone and tell them. I know i won't always buy this much because I don't want to stockpile like some people do, I have no use for 20 tubes of toothpaste or 6 months worth of cleaning supplies (well not that i wouldn't use them eventually but i don't have that kind of storage).
So i plan to continue to stock up on items that are a really good deal w/ coupons and only have to buy staple items each week. Eventually we should cut our grocery bill down quite a bit and still be able to have all the good stuff we like/want. Pretty cool, eh!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

If you read my blog...

Please post a comment. I know there are lots of readers and I just love to hear comments. So let me know you are here :-)

Monday, April 7, 2008

What a great weekend...

The weather was FANTASTIC! We were out and about Saturday w/out Faith, she stayed with Grandma and Chey to play while mom & dad went to he home show, which was in my opinion a waste of time & money. They charge $5 per adult to get in and there weren't enough vendors in my opinion to say so and most of the vendors didn't even act like they really cared to sell you anything. I expect a show like that will have great sales & specials for home owners, new products to check out and friendly people to talk with. I didn't really find much of any of this. And the things we did find and get information on we could have totally gotten ourselves outside of the home show. So congratulations North Country Builders Association, you got $10 out of us, not to worry though we discouraged several friends from wasting their time & money and i don't think we'll ever go again.
So after the home show we got some lunch and did a bit of shopping. Then we had to stop at the mother in laws to fix their computer, very funny, yet creepy story there but i won't post about it, if you want to know just call me and I'll tell ya. Picked up Faith bug and spent a relaxing evening at home.
Sunday was so bright and sunny we just couldn't stay in all day and given that we still had a good amount of snow to melt there wasn't much we could do outside either. So after John did some work in the garage and I cleaned up in the house we took off for the day. It was great! We visited his aunt for a while. Had some lunch w/ Faith, she was really cute dipping french fries in ketchup and eating her hamburger just like daddy, she's such a mimick. Then we went for a little drive and visited our friends Chris & Andrea. They were out working on their deck, very nice. I love the little pond they have in front of their house, they even have a few geese living by it, very nice and relaxing. Their little guy is so cute and i love snuggling little ones and he's a snuggly little butterball, with an adorable big smile. After that we went to visit Mike & Tracey for a bit. Lukas of course had to put on his "Fedex outfit" cause Tracey told him John was coming over. For some reason Lukas really loves John, he's always sure to say "hi john" and show him his trucks and what not, totally adorable. We had a really great visit with them too, of course no visit with them is without some of Tracey's great stories, LMAO. We also checked out their new camper, VERY NICE!!!! Kinda got our camper bug going a big again but i think we are still holding off until at least next year when maybe we'd get more enjoyment out of it, we shall see how the home improvements go and see from there. We grabbed subway on the way home, i love their salads, YUM.
All in all it was a great weekend! We need more like that for sure!

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Finally some sunshine!

Yesterday was gorgeous, didn't start out that way but by afternoon time it was just simply gorgeous and sunny. Today looks to be the same! YEAH!

Friday, April 4, 2008

So are you sick of potty talk yet?

Well since that's the "big thing" around here lately i guess that's what ends up in my blog. After 3 pee accidents and then a poop accident i just had enough today, and we went back to diapers for a while. I just don't know if she has enough control to realize she needs to go before it actually happens. I think she might just be a bit young yet. The times she is going it's because I am taking her in there and sitting for good periods of the day (not all at once mind you) and we "catch it" that way. She is not telling me at all that she needs to go, only that she has had an accident. So for at least a couple days i'm going back to diapers and see what she does, if she continues to take them off and shows her own interest in the potty (not mommy's forced interest) then we'll go right back to big girl pants, if not we'll keep the big girl pants put away till she shows more signs. I'm disappointed cause I really thought she was gonna pick it up fast, maybe she still will, who knows.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

My cat is a show off

I have a very weird cat, well and a weird dog too but that's another story. My cat is forever opening cupboards, not because he wants anything, it's just like he wants to prove he can open them....I often come downstairs to a cabinet being open...last night in the middle of the night i came down for a pee break and he had not 1 but 2 open, he was an overachiever last night LOL