Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Mama's been at it again and some other fun pictures

This outfit totally feeds my pink/brown obsession. I have to say this outfit has turned out the best of all the ones i've made so far. I had to readjust my serger settings cause Faith totally messed with them, but i got it just right and it really went smooth.

"What mom? I'm not supposed to climb on the roof of the car? You are no fun!" Can't you just see it in her eyes??

Poor Chester takes an awful lot from Faith. She noticed he was in the bathtub on this day (looking for a drink probably, wouldn't want to drink outta the cat bowl right). Anyway she sat right down with the cup and soap and pretended to give him a bath. What a cutie pie.

All ready to go for a ride in the truck. She broke those cute sunglasses later in the day, ARGH!


Diana said...

LOL! She's so funny, Sarah! We need to have a playdate REALLY soon! :D Maybe at the park. :D

Sarah said...

That's a great idea Diana, it's so so so warm. Unfortunately this weekend we have so much to do at the house and the weather is gonna be gorgeous, maybe next week sometime, if the weather is still really good?

Sherry said...

Great pics! Faith looks adorable, and I could see a bit of my bug when she was that age climbing on everything in sight and scaring me to death! haha