Thursday, July 31, 2008

Some of my recent sewing

I made a cute outfit for our little friend Moriah -

I made Faith more nightgowns, i really like how this one turned out -

I made Faith a couple more diapers for her stash, they are AIO style w/ PUL outer, microfleece inner, snap in soaker and front snaps for closure, i made them with fabric i had on hand and made some bright color combos, i think they came out great and are FUN.
And here is one on the model -
Here's a diaper cover i made her a couple weeks ago too -
And here's a picture from her birthday, she wore one of the pretty dresses mommy made her this spring, i love this one it has dino's hatching from eggs, so cute -
I am so enjoying the satisfaction of making her clothing. I have a goal to make as much of her fall wardrobe as possible. I hope to only buy a few basics like jeans (not ready to tackle making them yet), socks, hats etc. So we'll see how i do.
Thanks for looking!

Monday, July 28, 2008

So we're all sick....

Lovely yucky runny nose, sneazing, cough, sore throats. All of us. So noone got much sleep this weekend. Noone was in a very good mood. We did manage to get out Saturday and go for a ride, we went to Old Forge and checked out 3 different camp grounds, had some lunch and just kinda took in the beauty. We would have gone to some shops and stuff but it was pouring rain and you have to do quite a bit of walking around and with Faith that just wouldn't work. Oh well it was a day out even if we didn't do much. We were all starting to be sick already and by Saturday night we all felt it. Sunday we just stayed home, thankfully John did feel good enough to get the lawn mowed, with all the rain lately he's really struggled with being able to get it dry enough to even cut, it wasn't really dry enough yesterday but he cut it anyway. Last night Faith ended up in bed with us, so as you can guess noone got much sleep again last night. Hopefully we all start to feel better today, John especially since he has to work tonight.

Friday, July 25, 2008

The WHY's have begun...

It started yesterday, and today is day 2 and i am already PULLING MY HAIR OUT!!!! ARGH!! Every time i tell Faith something it's WHY? To which i reply something like "because mommy said so"...and then she says "Why mom?". ARGH ARGH ARGH it goes on and on and on....WHY WHY WHY WHY long does this phase last, please tell me not long....

Monday, July 21, 2008

Faith's 2 year check up

She weighs in at 24 lbs and 5 oz, what a little peanut. She's 34 3/4" tall, which i'm not 100% sure is right i think she's a little taller, i think she moved when they were measuring, regardless, she's TALL. She was 33" just 6 months ago. The Dr. remarked at how long her legs are, they sure are. She's doing great in every single way, Dr was impressed by her speech and her development. No appointments now until age 3, unless she is sick, i wonder what the chances are of going a whole year without having to take her to the dr? I'm guess not good, but hey you never know, right?
Here's a picture from the other day, she's modeling the first nightgown i made her, i've made her 2 more since and they are just so cute. She loves them and always gets excited and says "ooohhh pretty" and rubs them, makes me feel good that she really loves that i make her clothes.

Friday, July 18, 2008

2 year old ramblings...

Ramblings by her mama that much as she'd love to sit and type LOL
She getting her 2 year molars, has been for a couple weeks now, 3 are through the gum, one more to go. She's been really miserable on/off because of it, hopefully today will be better than yesterday, she had quite a few tantrums. I hope so much it's the teeth and not the "terrible twos" everyone keeps mentioning.
She's getting so grown up, she talks all the time, and so many new words every single day. This morning she said "I flush mama", of course it was when mama used the potty, not Faith, she's too stubborn to use the potty, but I am over the potty training thing, when she's more ready we will try again, she just doesn't want to do it right now, so so be it. I put her back in cloth cause i was sick of buying sposies, so until she potty trains it's either cloth diapers, or training pants. I REFUSE to spend money on diapers that i'm gonna throw away, i don't know why i stopped using cloth to begin with, well i do know why but the laundry isn't that big of a deal really. Right now she is wandering around in her swimsuit that she INSISTED i put on her this morning....update, just as i was typing that she came over and said "bye bye swimsuit" LOL another of her new words is "swimsuit". So now she is wandering around in her diaper & cover, and i reminded her not to take that off, we'll see how long that lasts.
The house is a wreck. I have been getting quite a bit of sewing done. We are all healthy and relatively happy. So life's good.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Birthday Party Pictures - Enjoy

Faith was so cute at her party. She loved her "melmo" cake. Mommy made it (like you couldn't tell that isn't professional, ha ha). I had a really hard time with it because of the hot/humid day, the frosting was very much a pain. But it was worth it. Here's the pictures, I would say pretty self explainatory. Enjoy!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Sometimes families can be so disappointing...

So it was Faith's birthday party today (as i said this morning) and it ended well but the beginning was full of typical family drama, typical when my sister is around anyway. Dad made an innocent comment, that yes, he shouldn't have (but mom also knew full well Dad didn't want to be around my sister, so she had warning). My sister of course had to make a big crying, feel sorry for herself scene, to which yes i shouldn't have responded but i said something to the effect of "knock it off, we aren't having this today" "go into the bathroom and pull yourself together and come have pizza". Of course she had to continue and sit there and blubber like a friggin idiot and i lost it and said "this is our day, not your day, you just have to make it all about you". So then i turn around and start getting pizza out and my mom and she both grab their stuff and leave. I told mom "please don't leave, everyone just relax" to which she responded a stinging "no, it's your day, so have it". I am very angry at both of them, i really don't blame dad what he said wasn't a huge deal and everyone there was thinking the same thing and biting their tongue. In a normal situation most people would have just gone on and bit their tongue and not made a scene, but oh no, not my drama loving sister, sit there and cry and make a fool of yourself. I pulled myself together after they left and had a nice party for Faith just the same. Pictures will follow tomorrow probably.

Sale went ok, today is Faith's birthday party, etc..

I got rid of quite a bit of stuff and made enough money that i was pleased with it. Now i gotta figure out what to do with what's left.
MIL and the boyfriend didn't end up bothering me at all, actually they were quite helpful. So that was great.
In other news my sister is in town, the one i don't hardly ever own up to even knowing. And before any of you reminds me that it's not very christian like to feel this way, i do and i'm not ready to feel any other way about it. I will not forgive someone for all the horrible things they have done if they don't want to be forgiven because, they don't even see that they were in the wrong to begin with. My sister has put me through hell, the rest of my family too, however my mother chooses to ignore the past and live int he present, good for her, but i get really upset that when Ellen does come to town it's basically "forced" on me to see her. Mom won't leave her alone at the house (for reasons i'm sure you can figure out) so since this weekend is a busy one with the sale yesterday and Faith's birthday party today, i get to have her tag along with my mom and Chey. What irritates me the most is some of the things she says acting like nothing ever happened and she's this great person, yeah whatever. I'm not going to give the back story, those of you that know me, already know it or can ask if you want. But needless to say this has already been a weekend of biting my tongue and just trudging through.
Faith's party is today, up at the place were Dad is. I was so sick of him missing out on all the family get togethers that a couple weeks ago i made plans to hold the party up there. We only invited family so it's small # of people and we are buying a couple big pizzas and having a cake (which i should be out in the kitchen decorating at this moment). She has already received most of her presents. My mom got her a pool a few weeks back. MIL/boyfriend got her a little princesses chair for outside. My brother/SIL got her a picnic table w/ an umbrella for outside. So she's so spoiled. We got her a few things and they are wrapped up and ready to go up with us so papa can see her open a few gifts.
Of course as i stated above my sister will be coming along with my mom & chey, i'm not at all happy about this, neither is anyone else and I am just hoping it goes well and we can all just bite our tongues and muddle through for Faith's sake I don't want her party ruined and I don't want Dad to get all upset either, he's not feeling great right now (almost time for blood again) so I am really hoping to not have him get upset worse, ya know. My sister could care less i'm sure as everything is about her anyway, always has been, always will be. She will forever live in a constant state of "poor me" and turn every and all situations into something about her, never worrying about how anyone else feels. Well with the exception of worrying about all her scum bag friends, and gutter trash she hangs around with, they have and always will be more important than her family. Okay well enough of a rant about that.....
I will make today a good day for Faith, I will make today a good day for Faith, I will make today a good day for Faith.......

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

So i'm having a garage sale...

I'm starting to think i am nuts...i do this to myself everytime i take on a "project" like this. Last summer I decided i needed to seriously declutter the house and started on a mad sweep of getting rid of a lot of stuff. I was planning to have a sale....then everything happened with my dad and i just never got around to it. Well the time has come that i either have to give away/throw away all the stuff piled in the garage or have a sale. It's hard to part with things, especially Faith's baby things, but what in the world am I gonna do with them anyway? So Saturday is the big sale, i'm only doing 1 day, i don't want to drag it out over 2. My mom agreed to come up and help me, i can't do the sale and keep Faith happy all by myself i need someone for back up. Well lucky me my MIL (mother in law) and her boyfriend are coming too, that should make for an interesting day. MIL is fine, but boyfriend drives me a bit batty, but i couldn't very well tell them no (John told them i was having a sale, the rest they say is history...)
Anyway i think keeping it to just one day will help it be okay and not to tiresome...we shall see...

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Had to call poison control

Probably won't be the last time i'm sure. Faith got into our tea tree oil and had it all over her hands, face. (I might add it was on a top shelf in the bathroom and she bypassed lots of other "fun" stuff to get to it.) Anyway i wasn't sure so i figured I'd better call just to make sure. And they told me no worries in a small amount, just wipe out her mouth and get her to drink something, which is what i would have done anyway, but i figured you can't be too careful.
I'm sure this won't be my last call, she's getting sneakier and sneakier and very good at opening things.....

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

I hold WAHM to a higher standard

If you don't know what a WAHM is, it's a work at home mom. I often shop for handmade goods, not all handmade goods are of course from WAHMs but many are and i like to support moms (and sometimes dads) that work from home while raising their families.
I don't know if it's right but I hold them to a much higher standard than traditional "big box" type stores (i kinda feel the same about local small businesses). I expect more from them and that's part of why i shop them more loyally. 99% of the time you get better service and better products, not to mention the feel goodness of supporting someone who stays home with their children.
But as is true of everything sometimes there's just someone who's a bad apple and is out to "scam" you (or others). I have always truely believed that "what goes around comes around" and hope that those that "scam" people in one way or another, or steal property (whether it be physical property or intellectual property) will be found out and eventually "get what's coming to them".
Well recently through my new favorite forum Sewing Mamas i found out that a WAHM who sells cloth diapers on Hyena cart has been doing some very shady things in order to promote her own products and drive up the demand and price. What bothered me about it most was i hadn't heard anything about it until then.
Allegedly, (i say this because i have no first hand knowledge of what happened) she has used others images, posted feedback for herself and even gained information about other diaper designs using a fake screen name in order to copy and produce "her own one size diaper", as well as other shady business practices. You can read about it here
Thankfully, someone had the guts to call this mom out and publically state the accusations. So many boards are so careful to "not offend" and to try and keep things "drama free" that they unintentionally (at least i hope it's unintentional) let a scammer continue, unchecked.
This mama is still selling her diapers, still bringing in large $$ for them and even though many now know about her shady dealings their obsessive "need" for the latest greatest craze diaper is more than their ethics in not supporting a fraud. Shame on you Daphne of Stinky Couture and shame on anyone that continues to support her "business".