Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Mother Nature Defeated Me

I'm feeling very let down this morning. I am supposed to be on my way to Syracuse for my consult with Dr. K. But here I sit. The driveway is impassable. John had no choice but to take the truck to work last night. Here's what mother nature was so kind to leave us. My guess is we got well over a foot here in the "bridge".
And here's a picture from yesterday when it first started snowing. Faith was so excited she sat in our front window for the longest time watching it "no". Of course all she would wear all day yesterday was Elmo panties, would not get dressed, bet the neighbors think i'm the mother of the year.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

1:16 am

And i can't sleep. Dont' know why, just can't. Fell asleep with Faith about 9:30 and woke up around 12:30 tossed and turned and got up at 1, just not tired. Sigh.

Monday, October 20, 2008


Mom finally downloaded some pictures off her camera she had been hoarding....LOL....and these two just melt my heart -
Faith's first Halloween -

And her first Christmas Eve -


Gas is finally below $3, John told me on his way to work it was $2.99 at Stewarts in Carthage (he had to go the long way to work, long story). Anyway i'm thrilled to see it down that much in such a short time.

Friday, October 17, 2008

I love the thrift store

Faith and i headed out to the thrift store this morning. I took in a small bag of clothes and a few toys we didn't need. I got $28 in store credit, yeah. I found a small wooden table for $3.99 and 2 Little Tykes pink plastic chairs for $10, no they don't match the table, but who cares, it's somewhere she can sit and color or have a snack. I also found an awesome pair of snow boots for like $4 and a heavy Land's End sweater for $2.99. So i still have a little bit of credit there, got rid of a few things we didn't need and brought home a few we do.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

General Ramblings...

I just feel like "talking" this morning. So here are some general ramblings.

*It's 2 weeks until my fertility doctor consult. I'm nervous and excited all at the same time. I think now that Faith is out of diapers it just makes my heart ache even more for another baby. Yes I have thought about all that "baby stuff" like lack of sleep, colic, teething, etc and it all makes me smile. SMILE. Can you believe that? I actually WANT to do all that stuff again.

*Faith has become obsessed with riding the 4-wheeler. She will say "outside, ride daddy's wheel-her". And once you tell her she can, you'd better take her out right then, do not tell her later, it won't work. She will bug you and bug you and bug you, until you take her out to the "wheel-her". LOL. Also if you make the mistake of telling her you are "going bye bye later" she will bug you incesantly with "we go bye bye now".

*Potty training has been extremely successful. Since last Monday (9 days) we have had only 3 accidents, all of them poop accidents, 2 were honestly "didn't make it in time" accidents the other one she just never told me she had to go. She is also "holding it" for 2 days before she will poop, she apparently doesn't want to go so she is just holding it, which hopefully she will learn isn't the right thing to do, for now i just keep trying to encourage her. She does very well when we go places, we take her potty seat with us, or as she calls it "big girl". LOL. She has also been dry in the morning for 2 whole weeks now, I'm wondering if I should just go to training pants at night now, but i'm so nervous that when i do that she'll have her first "accident" and it will send her back into not wanting to use the potty/big girl pants. Well that was way more than enough about the potty huh...

*John has gotten home really early from work the last two mornings. It's nice but seems strange in a way too. Last night Faith kept saying "daddy no go work". It breaks my heart.

*I am doing a ton of sewing lately. I am finishing up a lap quilt i made for my cousin for her wedding. I will be putting the batting and backing together w/ the quilted top this weekend and hopefully get it all quilted and out in the mail by the end of next week. Her wedding is the 26th, we had hoped to go (it's in DC) but we just couldn't afford the extra expense or stand to leave Faith here or for that matter subject her to an 8+ hour drive & wedding events that she wouldn't probably find very boring. I'm also doing a lot of clothing sewing for various trades i have going on for Christmas gifts. I just finished 3 more nightgowns. I am working on a pair of flannel PJ bottoms w/ an applique shirt. I have a couple other items all cut out and ready to sew up also. I'm really thoroughly enjoying sewing. I will be adding more photos to my sewing blog soon.

*I'm much more enjoying the weather we have had lately, i like cool crisp mornings, warm days, cool evenings. I know soon it will just be cold all the time, i love fall.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Ever just feel totally and completely lazy?

Today i just want to throw my PJs back on and curl up in the chair with the remote. I am not sick. I'm not overly tired, maybe a bit. I just don't really feel like doing anything at all. I already went to the grocery store. I also finished up 2 nightgowns I needed to hem. I cleaned out the fridge of all the offending leftovers that were WAY "expired". I took Faith outside and rode daddy's "wheeler" as she calls it (this has become an everyday event, but that's another post). I basically didn't feel like doing any of those things either, but i did because I know i can't just lay around all day. But I am fighting the urge to go and be lazy for the afternoon. I shouldn't....maybe just for an hour or so....

Monday, October 13, 2008

I'm so excited...

I got on the custom's list for my favorite pottery maker Rising Sun Earthworks. I am thrilled with how she did her customs this month, basically anyone that wanted to be on her list got randomly assigned a number, if your number was drawn then you got to be added to her list. Such a fair way to do it, and way easier for me than remembering to be at the computer at just the right time. Anyway i'm totally excited I am getting John a custom mug as a Christmas gift from Faith. And I'm getting a butter crock & spoon rest for the kitchen. And if it's okay with John a covered casserole dish too (which will be his Christmas gift to me). Anyway just wanted to share my excitement.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Diana took the sixth picture challenge and I decided to play along! If you'd like to play along, post the sixth picture from the sixth file in your pictures folder. :-) Then, leave me a comment with a link to your post. :-)

Not really a big surprise it's a picture of my Faith Bug. I think my folders are all out of whack cause it seems like it should have been an older picture, but when our computer died last year I think my folders ended up way out of order when i added back in all our older pictures. :-)

Your turn!!!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Difficult News...

My nephew Thomas has been diagnosed with a chromosome disorder. Most of you know the situation with my sisters children, if you don't you can shoot me an email and ask. But his adopted mom told my mom about the news, and I emailed her for more information. He has a chromosome 22 microduplicaton, it's very rare but it does explain the medical issues he has struggled with all his life.
As sad as this news is, it also reminds me how thankful I am that God gave Josh and Thomas parents that are completely devoted and capable of dealing with their unique needs, now including this genetic problem. The disease means he will have mild retardation, multiple medical problems including colon issues, hearing/speech issues and others. Also it's likely he could have schizophrenia later in life. They are taking him for more testing early in November. Please remember them in your prayers if you would, they could certainly use some at this time, and please thank God for finding the boys such wonderful parents.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Faith has NOT had an accident since Monday afternoon - 2 whole days totally completely using the potty. I'm so stinkin excited! Don't get me wrong I know that accidents are gonna happen but I am just thrilled that in less than a week she has totally gotten the potty thing, she totally GETS IT!!!!
This morning she went in all by herself and went pee, all by herself, I didn't even have to ask her to go or anything.
We went to see papa, no accidents and used the potty there 3 times! She even went poop in the potty just a few minutes ago, she came and said "mommy poopy" and she started crying and i thought for sure she had an accident, but nope, we got there in time and she did it. YEAH!!! And she woke up this morning for the sixth day in a row with a dry diaper and going right in to use the potty. I'm so PROUD of her!

Monday, October 6, 2008

Potty Training Success

Faith is doing great with the potty training this time around. 4 mornings now she has woken up totally dry and gone right in to go potty. We've had some accidents of course but she is definately into it and ready. Yesterday we even went to lunch and were accident free the whole time we were out and about in our "big girl pants". She has figured out how to go just a little bit so she can get an m&m but i don't care, as long as she's going. I'm thrilled to not be using diapers, we used 1 diaper in the last 2 days, she wore the same one to bed 2 nights in a row (probably gross but why throw it away, however 2 nights is my limit i threw it out this morning).

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Coupons again...

Are you tired of me beating a dead horse on the whole coupon thing. I can't help it, i just love it, I feel like i'm somehow cheating the system, even though nothing i do is wrong.

Anyway today's trip to P&C -
2 Boxes of Apple Cinnamon Cheerio's were FREE.
2 Boxes of Reese's Puffs were 40 cents each.
4 Boxes of Nature Valley Granola Bars were $1 each.
8 Boxes of Betty Crocker Fruit Snacks were $1.16 each.
2 Boxes of Electrasol Powerball Dishwasher tabs were 74 cents each.
1 Container of Daisy Sour Cream was FREE.

Total of regular retail price - $62.79
Total PAID - $15.56

PLUS I got 2 dozen eggs for 98 cents each because i spent over $20, which saves me another $1.22 off the regular price.
AND I got 2 checkout coupons for $$ off my next visit.
One is for $2.50 off and one is for $3.50. So really I am saving another $6.

Bringing my TOTAL savings today to $54.45

Friday, October 3, 2008

A positive post...

Okay my last few posts have been so negative that it's time for a positive one for sure. So here's a list of random positive things -

* I am still sick, BUT I am getting better.
* Faith slept in her own bed last night and is still asleep at nearly 8 am. (side note, we have had an issue for a week with her only wanting to sleep in mama's bed, we have yet to find the cause but i was able to get her to sleep in her bed, after over an hour of crying and hugging, however this is a positive post..)
* John's paycheck went farther this week than i had thought it would, so i was able to pay a couple extra bills and set us up for a better month that originally planned. I am so thankful that John has a such a good job and provides so well for us, enabling me to stay home with Faith.
* I called my fertility clinic yesterday and scheduled an appointment for the end of the month. I'm nervous but after John and I talked about it more, it just made more sense to go see them than my other options. Like I told John it's just a consult and even if we still never get pregnant again at least we did SOMETHING.
* It's Friday, who can't be excited about that.
* Did i mention Faith is STILL sleeping...
* I was able to sort out all my fabric yesterday into categories of type of fabric, now i can access it a lot better to get more accomplished.
* I also got a lot of the dining room clutter picked up yesterday, however there is a lot more to get to today, but I think it will get done.
* It's fall, i love fall. Not hot, not too cold. I like nice crisp fall air.
* We have plenty of wood pellets bought and paid for that we can count on for heat all winter, we will not need to worry about the high fuel prices taping out our budget every month in the winter. At worst we *might* have to get a small amount of fuel oil, but we also very well might not have to get any at all.
* We have a kitchen full of food to eat, if something was to happen i know i have well stocked cupboard and we could slash food spending to nearly nothing if needed.
* Last weekend I got my Grandma's china safely put away in my china cabinet. I had been meaning to do it because i was afraid the longer they were in the boxes they would get damaged. Nothing got damaged and it's all so lovely to look at. I loved my Grandma so much, and I often think how much she would love Faith. Sorry that kinda makes me sad.

Okay so before this turns to a sad post, i feel pretty good that I am being positive today and not starting the day out on a bad foot. Faith is STILL sleeping, lazy girl. I'm sure she'll be up soon, i heard her stirring just a bit already.
Have a WONDERFUL weekend all my friends!!!

I can't believe i forgot my MOST positive thing. Faith was a "BIG GIRL" yesterday and wore big girl pants all day. She pooped on the potty, YEAH! She almost made it to the potty to pee, but one time she got in there and struggled with her potty, and peed her pants trying to get situated and the second time she was asleep in the recliner having a nap and peed in her sleep. Neither i can really call her fault. She also didn't wet her diaper all night last night. She can obviously hold her pee a LONG time, she gets that from her daddy. I really think this time she's ready. Keep everything crossed for us :-)

Thursday, October 2, 2008


There some stuff happening right now that has me frustrated and i just need to vent. If you don't want to "hear" me "whine" you might want to stop reading now, this is definately not a positive upbeat post.
My dad is still in the rehab/nursing home. He just doesn't seem to be making any progress, he just kinda stays the same. We are hoping to get him home by Thanksgiving but it seems like we shouldn't "hope". Every other time when we have "hoped" he'd be home something has happened that has prevented this. I don't like feeling scared to be hopeful. There's a lot of "stuff" that needs to be done before he can come home, modifications to the house being the biggest one. Mom is applying for some grant money to try and help the costs, but we also have to find someone willing to do the work and hopefully before snow flys. The whole situation is so draining on everyone, it's a constant stress on us all.
Then of course there is the economy, which stinks, we all know that, doesn't really affect us a lot at least yet anyway. But, it does make you realize that it's important to save, and be more frugal. I was hoping to start a sewing "job" from home, i think i told most of you about it, but i'm not sure that's going to happen, it might we'll have to see. So then my dilema is do i go ahead and go back to work to make some extra money, problem is with everything going on with my Dad i can't really count on my mom to babysit and honestly i just really really don't want to go back to being "tied down" to a traditional job. Plus mom and dad really are going to need me to be available to help if he does come home, mom just isn't going to be able to do it all herself. So i just don't know what to do there.
Then, I am sad about Faith not having a baby sibling and it's looking like she may never. I am trying hard to understand why this desire and yearning for another child is so strong yet I can't seem to get pregnant again, it seems so unfair and frankly like a slap in the face. I'm trying hard to accept Faith being my only child, really i am, but it's so hard. It especially breaks my heart that everywhere we go we see babies and she gets all excited and tells me "mama baby"..."mama baby crying"...etc...So hard....I need to make a decision about if I want to see the OB in my midwife's office or try and see my fertility doctor, i need to do something because I definately think i need some kind of medical help to ever have even a chance at another baby. It's a very hard decision that is just made twice as hard because i am not working and we don't have a lot of extra money. So now i sit here wishing i had done things differently in the past, so that now things would be different...UGH such a vicious circle....
Stay tuned, i promise tomorrow i will try and post a positive post.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

I hate being sick part 2

So i finally admitted today that poor Faith was really suffering more because mommy was sick than because she was sick herself. She wasn't super sick, just cranky more than anything and i think that was because i am so sick. Anyway after sitting in the recliner most of the morning and having a baby hug me a million times, which was nice. I realized poor Faith really just wanted to play and have attention that was probably why she was cranky. I finally called my mom and asked her if she could come and get her and keep her overnight, she of course did and from what she said on the phone Faith was having lots of fun, when i asked her if she was being good for Grandma she said "uh huh" and when i asked if she ate her dinner she said "uh huh" and then i asked if she was having fun and she said "uh huh" LOL my girl she's all about details. She did try and tell me a story about Chey Chey, not sure what it was. Then she told me "Grandma getting wa wa" (which is water if you didn't know) and promptly went to get a drink too. So i went to bed at 7:30 loaded full of medication. At that point my chest was hurting so bad and i was feverish. Woke up about 11:30 to the fever being done and feeling better. Now i'm doing a lot of coughing and blowing of my nose but i'd rather get the stuff out than end up with pneumonia. Heading back to bed....