Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Faith has NOT had an accident since Monday afternoon - 2 whole days totally completely using the potty. I'm so stinkin excited! Don't get me wrong I know that accidents are gonna happen but I am just thrilled that in less than a week she has totally gotten the potty thing, she totally GETS IT!!!!
This morning she went in all by herself and went pee, all by herself, I didn't even have to ask her to go or anything.
We went to see papa, no accidents and used the potty there 3 times! She even went poop in the potty just a few minutes ago, she came and said "mommy poopy" and she started crying and i thought for sure she had an accident, but nope, we got there in time and she did it. YEAH!!! And she woke up this morning for the sixth day in a row with a dry diaper and going right in to use the potty. I'm so PROUD of her!

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