Monday, October 6, 2008

Potty Training Success

Faith is doing great with the potty training this time around. 4 mornings now she has woken up totally dry and gone right in to go potty. We've had some accidents of course but she is definately into it and ready. Yesterday we even went to lunch and were accident free the whole time we were out and about in our "big girl pants". She has figured out how to go just a little bit so she can get an m&m but i don't care, as long as she's going. I'm thrilled to not be using diapers, we used 1 diaper in the last 2 days, she wore the same one to bed 2 nights in a row (probably gross but why throw it away, however 2 nights is my limit i threw it out this morning).

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Diana said...

WHoo HOO!! Keep up the good work, Faith!