Wednesday, October 15, 2008

General Ramblings...

I just feel like "talking" this morning. So here are some general ramblings.

*It's 2 weeks until my fertility doctor consult. I'm nervous and excited all at the same time. I think now that Faith is out of diapers it just makes my heart ache even more for another baby. Yes I have thought about all that "baby stuff" like lack of sleep, colic, teething, etc and it all makes me smile. SMILE. Can you believe that? I actually WANT to do all that stuff again.

*Faith has become obsessed with riding the 4-wheeler. She will say "outside, ride daddy's wheel-her". And once you tell her she can, you'd better take her out right then, do not tell her later, it won't work. She will bug you and bug you and bug you, until you take her out to the "wheel-her". LOL. Also if you make the mistake of telling her you are "going bye bye later" she will bug you incesantly with "we go bye bye now".

*Potty training has been extremely successful. Since last Monday (9 days) we have had only 3 accidents, all of them poop accidents, 2 were honestly "didn't make it in time" accidents the other one she just never told me she had to go. She is also "holding it" for 2 days before she will poop, she apparently doesn't want to go so she is just holding it, which hopefully she will learn isn't the right thing to do, for now i just keep trying to encourage her. She does very well when we go places, we take her potty seat with us, or as she calls it "big girl". LOL. She has also been dry in the morning for 2 whole weeks now, I'm wondering if I should just go to training pants at night now, but i'm so nervous that when i do that she'll have her first "accident" and it will send her back into not wanting to use the potty/big girl pants. Well that was way more than enough about the potty huh...

*John has gotten home really early from work the last two mornings. It's nice but seems strange in a way too. Last night Faith kept saying "daddy no go work". It breaks my heart.

*I am doing a ton of sewing lately. I am finishing up a lap quilt i made for my cousin for her wedding. I will be putting the batting and backing together w/ the quilted top this weekend and hopefully get it all quilted and out in the mail by the end of next week. Her wedding is the 26th, we had hoped to go (it's in DC) but we just couldn't afford the extra expense or stand to leave Faith here or for that matter subject her to an 8+ hour drive & wedding events that she wouldn't probably find very boring. I'm also doing a lot of clothing sewing for various trades i have going on for Christmas gifts. I just finished 3 more nightgowns. I am working on a pair of flannel PJ bottoms w/ an applique shirt. I have a couple other items all cut out and ready to sew up also. I'm really thoroughly enjoying sewing. I will be adding more photos to my sewing blog soon.

*I'm much more enjoying the weather we have had lately, i like cool crisp mornings, warm days, cool evenings. I know soon it will just be cold all the time, i love fall.


Leah said...

Yay Faith!! She is doing fantastic with her PLing :)

Diana said...

:D Ramble all the time. I like it.