Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Mother Nature Defeated Me

I'm feeling very let down this morning. I am supposed to be on my way to Syracuse for my consult with Dr. K. But here I sit. The driveway is impassable. John had no choice but to take the truck to work last night. Here's what mother nature was so kind to leave us. My guess is we got well over a foot here in the "bridge".
And here's a picture from yesterday when it first started snowing. Faith was so excited she sat in our front window for the longest time watching it "no". Of course all she would wear all day yesterday was Elmo panties, would not get dressed, bet the neighbors think i'm the mother of the year.


Tracey said...

Awwwwww. Sorry you couldn't make it to your appointment :( That picture of Faith is too cute...definately one for her senior yearbook! And yes...I am sure that the nieghbors think you're mother of the year! lol

Diana said...

Were you able to reschedule? Sorry the weather was so bad!

Nurse with Training Wheels said...

Hey sorry to hear mother nature dumped on you! I hope the 10th comes soon for you and you get good news. Big hugs for all you are going through right are one strong willed woman. I admire that!