Friday, November 4, 2011

Okay so obviously it's been a while!

Where to start? Hmmm well Olivia Grace will be arriving soon. What, didn't know we were expecting? Well yes our 2nd daughter is due to arrive at the beginning of December. She was not at all planned, but after the initial shock of it all we couldn't be more thrilled! Faith is beyond excited to be getting a sister, she's only been asking for a sibling since she learned to talk, so this is HUGE for her.

I have had a very uncomplicated pregnancy, which has been a huge blessing, as early on I was very nervous that because of my weight loss surgery the baby wouldn't gain weight well or would have other potential problems, but so far so good!

We spent the late spring and part of the summer doing some camping. Lots of good times as always. Hope that this next year we can get in even more. Toward the end of the summer we got very bogged down with preparing for baby & getting home improvements done, we just didn't have as long of a camping season as we would have liked. We also got to enjoy some weekends at the cottage on Lake Ontario with our wonderful friends Tim & Jody. It's a great spot & we really enjoyed it, hope to do more of that next year as well.

Faith started Kindergarten this year. So hard to believe she is 5 years old. We had a bit of a rough start as she adjusted to being gone "all day" but she seems much better with it now and is doing well. She still doesn't care for coloring, LOL. She also tends toward a bad habit her mama always had in school which was rushing through her work, we are working on that. I'm proud to say that she is already able to read many words and simple sentences. She also enjoys math a lot. Hoping to instill a real love of school in her, it's going to be hard when the baby comes because i suspect she will be jealous of the time baby gets to spend with just mama.

In October we lost our beloved german shepard, Michelob. He was 9 years old and died suddenly. We don't really know what took him from us but suspect he had some kind of intestinal blockage or perhaps even a cancer that we didn't know about. He didn't act sick or seem to have any problems, i went out to let him in one night and he was just laying there dead. Very traumatic for all of us. We really miss having a dog, but timing wise it's just not the right time to get another dog. We are looking forward to spring when we hope to find a puppy to join our family.

John continues to work long overnight hours. The schedule is definitely hard on us, and will probably get worse when baby comes but we'll make it work. I'm grateful for his good job with benefits that make it possible for me to stay home with the kids (wow that seems weird to add that "s" on there). He struggles because the company can be difficult to deal with at times, typical corporate bologna but for now it is what it is and I try my best to encourage him to let work be work & enjoy our home & family as much as he can. I'm so lucky to have found a very practical, responsible & loving man :-)

That's it for today, must get busy on the remainder of the "get ready for baby & Christmas" list that i have. Have a blessed Thanksgiving if i don't update before then. I am going to try my best to update this blog more often, promise :-)