Friday, May 28, 2010

So i had a surprise visitor...

My uncle popped in today in the midst of me getting ready to go camping. I wonder why i never realized how much he looks like my Dad until today? It really took me by surprise. Probably looks more like him because he's growing out a beard and Dad always had a beard. I actually got a little teary and when i gave him a big ole hug my heart hurt for a little bit missing Dad. But i don't want to sound like i wasn't thrilled to see him, i sure was. Even more thrilled to hear he will be in the area a lot more very soon, I promised to make sure he had some good meals whenever he wants to stop in :-)

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Gorgeous weather...

This past week the weather has been fantastic and we've enjoyed quite a bit of time outside, here's a couple favorite pictures of Faith.

Next weekend we are heading up to Cranberry Lake for a long weekend, YEAH!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Some recent stuff....

Let's see, my new obsession is knitting. Love it! I have tried many many many times in the past to learn to knit with absolutely no luck. BUT i finally got it...this is my latest creation a ruffle summer top for Faith.
Oh and did you notice she is quite the model, my yes, she just loves to model for the camera. Daddy says she's the next "maggie rizer", God, i hope not!

What else is new...camping season has begun -
Here's a new tire cover i made for the camper -

Busy as always sewing up a storm. Also busy getting ready for surgery, hope to have approval soon. I think that's about it. Memorial Day is fast approaching, we'll be heading to Cranberry Lake w/ friends to stay for 4 nights, that will be great fun!
I can't believe my little baby will be turning 4 soon, where did the time go?