Friday, October 3, 2008

A positive post...

Okay my last few posts have been so negative that it's time for a positive one for sure. So here's a list of random positive things -

* I am still sick, BUT I am getting better.
* Faith slept in her own bed last night and is still asleep at nearly 8 am. (side note, we have had an issue for a week with her only wanting to sleep in mama's bed, we have yet to find the cause but i was able to get her to sleep in her bed, after over an hour of crying and hugging, however this is a positive post..)
* John's paycheck went farther this week than i had thought it would, so i was able to pay a couple extra bills and set us up for a better month that originally planned. I am so thankful that John has a such a good job and provides so well for us, enabling me to stay home with Faith.
* I called my fertility clinic yesterday and scheduled an appointment for the end of the month. I'm nervous but after John and I talked about it more, it just made more sense to go see them than my other options. Like I told John it's just a consult and even if we still never get pregnant again at least we did SOMETHING.
* It's Friday, who can't be excited about that.
* Did i mention Faith is STILL sleeping...
* I was able to sort out all my fabric yesterday into categories of type of fabric, now i can access it a lot better to get more accomplished.
* I also got a lot of the dining room clutter picked up yesterday, however there is a lot more to get to today, but I think it will get done.
* It's fall, i love fall. Not hot, not too cold. I like nice crisp fall air.
* We have plenty of wood pellets bought and paid for that we can count on for heat all winter, we will not need to worry about the high fuel prices taping out our budget every month in the winter. At worst we *might* have to get a small amount of fuel oil, but we also very well might not have to get any at all.
* We have a kitchen full of food to eat, if something was to happen i know i have well stocked cupboard and we could slash food spending to nearly nothing if needed.
* Last weekend I got my Grandma's china safely put away in my china cabinet. I had been meaning to do it because i was afraid the longer they were in the boxes they would get damaged. Nothing got damaged and it's all so lovely to look at. I loved my Grandma so much, and I often think how much she would love Faith. Sorry that kinda makes me sad.

Okay so before this turns to a sad post, i feel pretty good that I am being positive today and not starting the day out on a bad foot. Faith is STILL sleeping, lazy girl. I'm sure she'll be up soon, i heard her stirring just a bit already.
Have a WONDERFUL weekend all my friends!!!

I can't believe i forgot my MOST positive thing. Faith was a "BIG GIRL" yesterday and wore big girl pants all day. She pooped on the potty, YEAH! She almost made it to the potty to pee, but one time she got in there and struggled with her potty, and peed her pants trying to get situated and the second time she was asleep in the recliner having a nap and peed in her sleep. Neither i can really call her fault. She also didn't wet her diaper all night last night. She can obviously hold her pee a LONG time, she gets that from her daddy. I really think this time she's ready. Keep everything crossed for us :-)

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