Monday, July 21, 2008

Faith's 2 year check up

She weighs in at 24 lbs and 5 oz, what a little peanut. She's 34 3/4" tall, which i'm not 100% sure is right i think she's a little taller, i think she moved when they were measuring, regardless, she's TALL. She was 33" just 6 months ago. The Dr. remarked at how long her legs are, they sure are. She's doing great in every single way, Dr was impressed by her speech and her development. No appointments now until age 3, unless she is sick, i wonder what the chances are of going a whole year without having to take her to the dr? I'm guess not good, but hey you never know, right?
Here's a picture from the other day, she's modeling the first nightgown i made her, i've made her 2 more since and they are just so cute. She loves them and always gets excited and says "ooohhh pretty" and rubs them, makes me feel good that she really loves that i make her clothes.

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Sherry said...

Here is hoping for a doctorless year! 3D hasn't been in for anything since he was 3, and that was just a checkup, so it can happen! :)

The nightgown is adorable and so is Miss Faith. :)