Sunday, July 13, 2008

Sale went ok, today is Faith's birthday party, etc..

I got rid of quite a bit of stuff and made enough money that i was pleased with it. Now i gotta figure out what to do with what's left.
MIL and the boyfriend didn't end up bothering me at all, actually they were quite helpful. So that was great.
In other news my sister is in town, the one i don't hardly ever own up to even knowing. And before any of you reminds me that it's not very christian like to feel this way, i do and i'm not ready to feel any other way about it. I will not forgive someone for all the horrible things they have done if they don't want to be forgiven because, they don't even see that they were in the wrong to begin with. My sister has put me through hell, the rest of my family too, however my mother chooses to ignore the past and live int he present, good for her, but i get really upset that when Ellen does come to town it's basically "forced" on me to see her. Mom won't leave her alone at the house (for reasons i'm sure you can figure out) so since this weekend is a busy one with the sale yesterday and Faith's birthday party today, i get to have her tag along with my mom and Chey. What irritates me the most is some of the things she says acting like nothing ever happened and she's this great person, yeah whatever. I'm not going to give the back story, those of you that know me, already know it or can ask if you want. But needless to say this has already been a weekend of biting my tongue and just trudging through.
Faith's party is today, up at the place were Dad is. I was so sick of him missing out on all the family get togethers that a couple weeks ago i made plans to hold the party up there. We only invited family so it's small # of people and we are buying a couple big pizzas and having a cake (which i should be out in the kitchen decorating at this moment). She has already received most of her presents. My mom got her a pool a few weeks back. MIL/boyfriend got her a little princesses chair for outside. My brother/SIL got her a picnic table w/ an umbrella for outside. So she's so spoiled. We got her a few things and they are wrapped up and ready to go up with us so papa can see her open a few gifts.
Of course as i stated above my sister will be coming along with my mom & chey, i'm not at all happy about this, neither is anyone else and I am just hoping it goes well and we can all just bite our tongues and muddle through for Faith's sake I don't want her party ruined and I don't want Dad to get all upset either, he's not feeling great right now (almost time for blood again) so I am really hoping to not have him get upset worse, ya know. My sister could care less i'm sure as everything is about her anyway, always has been, always will be. She will forever live in a constant state of "poor me" and turn every and all situations into something about her, never worrying about how anyone else feels. Well with the exception of worrying about all her scum bag friends, and gutter trash she hangs around with, they have and always will be more important than her family. Okay well enough of a rant about that.....
I will make today a good day for Faith, I will make today a good day for Faith, I will make today a good day for Faith.......

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Sherry said...

At least you went into it determined to bite your tongue and give Faith a good day. I am sorry it didn't go very well.

I think it's great that you included your dad awesome is that?!