Thursday, July 3, 2008

Had to call poison control

Probably won't be the last time i'm sure. Faith got into our tea tree oil and had it all over her hands, face. (I might add it was on a top shelf in the bathroom and she bypassed lots of other "fun" stuff to get to it.) Anyway i wasn't sure so i figured I'd better call just to make sure. And they told me no worries in a small amount, just wipe out her mouth and get her to drink something, which is what i would have done anyway, but i figured you can't be too careful.
I'm sure this won't be my last call, she's getting sneakier and sneakier and very good at opening things.....

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Anonymous said...

things I've called poison control for:
Cat Poop/litter
I've called poison control in two countries.
They've eaten tons of other gross things..but after awhile I quit calling pc. What's the point? If they can eat cat poop and paint...not much phases me anymore