Wednesday, July 2, 2008

I hold WAHM to a higher standard

If you don't know what a WAHM is, it's a work at home mom. I often shop for handmade goods, not all handmade goods are of course from WAHMs but many are and i like to support moms (and sometimes dads) that work from home while raising their families.
I don't know if it's right but I hold them to a much higher standard than traditional "big box" type stores (i kinda feel the same about local small businesses). I expect more from them and that's part of why i shop them more loyally. 99% of the time you get better service and better products, not to mention the feel goodness of supporting someone who stays home with their children.
But as is true of everything sometimes there's just someone who's a bad apple and is out to "scam" you (or others). I have always truely believed that "what goes around comes around" and hope that those that "scam" people in one way or another, or steal property (whether it be physical property or intellectual property) will be found out and eventually "get what's coming to them".
Well recently through my new favorite forum Sewing Mamas i found out that a WAHM who sells cloth diapers on Hyena cart has been doing some very shady things in order to promote her own products and drive up the demand and price. What bothered me about it most was i hadn't heard anything about it until then.
Allegedly, (i say this because i have no first hand knowledge of what happened) she has used others images, posted feedback for herself and even gained information about other diaper designs using a fake screen name in order to copy and produce "her own one size diaper", as well as other shady business practices. You can read about it here
Thankfully, someone had the guts to call this mom out and publically state the accusations. So many boards are so careful to "not offend" and to try and keep things "drama free" that they unintentionally (at least i hope it's unintentional) let a scammer continue, unchecked.
This mama is still selling her diapers, still bringing in large $$ for them and even though many now know about her shady dealings their obsessive "need" for the latest greatest craze diaper is more than their ethics in not supporting a fraud. Shame on you Daphne of Stinky Couture and shame on anyone that continues to support her "business".


Sherry said...

WOW! I had no idea. I will have to check the other blog. That kinda crap gives us all a bad name. :(

Speaking of are one of us now...what say we plan some sort of collab for the fall? I am thinking sets...maybe jammies or something? :D

Sarah said...

Do you post at sewing mamas, stop in there oto, it's a great bunch of mamas.
I'm not really "working" anymore...just a hobby, i couldn't take the stress of "working" from home, i've thought about opening an etsy store but then i quickly talk myself out of it.