Friday, June 27, 2008

2 hot 2 humid...

I've said it before and I'm sure i'll say it many more times, i DO NOT deal with hot humid weather at all. says it's currently 74 with 77% humidity, i don't know what that really "means" but i know i'm hot and sticky and i don't want to do a darn thing except sit in front of the fan with a bottle of water. I'm irritated in a way because we do have an air conditioner for downstairs, but John hasn't put it in yet, the two upstairs (in the bedrooms) are in so at least we can sleep. BUT if the one was in downstairs i'd have an accomplished day, instead of a lazy day. I want to sew today but i can't stand to sit and sew all sweaty. This weekend he is going to have to put the a/c in because i can't spend the summer like this, i have a lot of sewing projects in the works. On the sewing note, i just got all caught up on sewing trades w/ people. Now i need to work on some stuff for Faith, she is sadly lacking in summer PJs, poor kid, mommy sews for everyone but her it seems, at least at times. Still have 2 wedding gifts to make too, one for September, one for October, so i need to get my mind made up of what i'm gonna make and get to it, i won't be able to share here since both brides read this blog on occassion, so if you wanna know what i'm cooking up you'll have to ask me.

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Sherry said...

I hate humid too...thankfully Idaho has a dry heat. Still, my sewing room window faces west and we don't have aircon, so for about 2-3 weeks each summer, it is miserable to be in there sewing.

AND I know exactly what you mean about not sewing for your own children. When I get to that point, it is time to take a break! Mine is coming in August! hahaha