Tuesday, June 3, 2008

So disgusted...

Mother pleads guilty to killing newborn by negligence
I am DISGUSTED beyond belief about this entire story. From the beginning it made me sick to even think about the irresponsibility this college student had in this situation. She knew better, period, she knew she was going to give birth, labor is kinda obvious like that. She was down the street from the hospital, could have called 911, heck even called the front desk of the hotel for help. Here in NY State we even have a safe haven law, bring a newborn baby safely to a hospital, hand it over and walk away, no questions asked.
Now she says the baby was born alive but there are no explanations for it's fractured skull other than her lame excuse that it happened when trying to pull the baby from the birth canal. BULL **** !!!!! I won't delve further into why this story makes me so sick, i'm sure you all know me well enough to know why.
But i want to comment on her "sentence" for this atrocious act. WWNY reported last night she will be returning to Michigan to finish a bachelor's degree before her jail sentance. Part of her plea deal is 1 year in jail (of which her lawyer stated she will only serve 8 months, how he knows that i dont' know) and 5 years probation.
How lovely for her, get a college degree, spend a year or less in jail and move on as if nothing ever happened. You KILLED your newborn baby. I hate plea deals in cases like this, i feel fairly confident the district attorney would have won her case and maybe just maybe the sentance would have been more just, why did she decide at the last minute to plead guilty, cause she knew she'd end up with a lighter sentance.


Gabrielle said...

Amen sister...ever since having Kara I cry and get sick to my stomach when I hear things that have to do with women or men being neglagent to children...it just means we can give ourselves a pat on the back and kiss our children...love ya

Anonymous said...

Did you watch the story after that one?? The guy up in St. Lawrence Co. got 2 years for steaking copper tubing!! WTF is wrong with the picture here?? I'm disgusted too! And it irks me to the core to know that she didn't have a baby to tie her down while she worked on her Bachelor's Degree!!


Anonymous said...

**That would be STEALING copper tubing....not STEAKING it. Good Lord!!

Tracey :)

Sarah said...

I totally agree with you Tracey. It's just plain disgusting, as a woman and a mother it shakes me to the core to think about that poor helpless baby.