Monday, June 23, 2008

Rochester NY Trip

We had a blast.
The museum for play was so cool. Faith wasn't quite old enough to appreciate all the things, she would find one thing she liked and just want to keep playing with that, she didn't understand that there was so much more to see and do. Her favorites at the museum were everything Sesame Street, the kid size super market and the computer for kids to play.
At the hotel she just loved the pool. Everytime we walked by it (it was right by the elevator) she would say "wa wa" and think we were going to go get in. Saturday night there were so many kids in it (our group was large, plus there were lots of others) that i thought she wouldn't want to be in there, but i think she wanted to be with the other kids too.
Sunday we did the zoo and she really liked that too. We even saw some of her relatives (the monkeys). It was a nice zoo but i have to say they could really use some upgrades to some of their cages and animal areas, the poor Rhinos were in such a small area, all the big cats need more room, i mean i realize a zoo no matter what size isn't a great size for any wild animal, but frankly some of them it was kinda ridiculously small.
Overall we just had a great time. It was a trip all about Faith and spending time with her and we did that, plus we got to meet a bunch of my friends from the internet and their families too. It was great!
Here are just a few pictures.

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