Thursday, June 12, 2008

Family Updates

Okay so....what's new here...
Got our new windows .... YEAH!!! they are so awesome, i love them. The crew came on Tuesday to put them in, about noon as you all know we got a HUGE storm, luckily all windows were in by the storm, the trim work had to still be done but at least the windows were in. Since the sun came back out in between storms they were able to get all the trim finished that day too.
John has been off all week and has gotten a TON of stuff done around the house. This vacation has been super productive. Today he's going to get the first load of pellets for the year. We are getting them super early this year to save some money later on, because like everything else the price of wood pellets will soar by fall.
Faith is thriving and continues to make us laugh every single day. We are just LOVING this age. Yesterday she had to help Dad while he was trying to put up the new shades. He was standing on the step stool and she climbed up on it with him, and mimicked all his hand movements, it was just too precious. She mimicks EVERYTHING now so we are trying our best to be more careful about words and such that come out of our mouths, i should say mommy is trying and being sure to remind daddy to try LOL. Some new things she's been doing is singing songs, trying to jump over her gate (that's funny to watch, she crouches down low and then jumps up, I really think that she is thinking if she tries hard enough she can make it over that gate, LMAO), she counts objects up to 3 (for example she'll bring you three books and count them to you 1, 2, 3), she also can point in her book to letters and numbers and say them, the letters still don't come out right but she can usually do the numbers to 5. It's so adorable it sounds like "one, two, free, or, ive" LOL. She CONSTANTLY wants to watch MELMO, she will bring you the "mote" and say "melmo". One of her new favorite phrases is "I know" so yesterday as i changed her diaper i said "i have to put some medicine on your rash (thank you hot days)" and she said "i know mom" with all kinds of attitude, she's not even 2 yet and she's throwing out all that attitude.
Well guess that's enough for today. I'm hoping to get some sewing done today for some trades i'm working on. I realized too this week that her birthday is a little over a month away and i have made absolutely no plans as to how to celebrate and what to get her, so uncharacteristic of me.


Diana said...

I really enjoyed reading this, Sarah. I look forward in getting together REALLY soon. We move on Saturday, so it'll be closer for ya!

Sherry said...

16 months to about 3 was my favorite age with all my kids...up until they got to be older teens and now I am REALLY loving teenagers! They are so fun!

I am glad you got your windows in...where is a pic, I wanna see!