Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Ever play the coupon game ??

Well i have always been skeptical that it really pays off to clip coupons for more than things you normally buy. But after hearing a lot lately about the "Grocery game" I decided why not give it a try. The general premise i am following is that you try to only buy items that are on sale & you have a coupon for. Also i have everyone saving me coupons so that i have multiples of each coupon. I have to study the sale flyers and match up the coupons for the best deals. Today I did P&C in Carthage w/ a large envelope of coupons. I won't go into detail about every item i got, but included are 10 boxes of cereal (all name brands), snacks, baking mixes, frozen meals for quick dinners/lunches, soap, deodorant, 18 containers of yoplait yogurt, 3 cans of coffee, 2 bottles of soda, some bottled marinades, some taco items. The only item i bought without having a coupon was boneless skinless chicken that was on sale for $1.97 lb which is a huge deal so I bought like 5 lbs of it. So.....drumroll please.....
My total before any savings would have been $167.07. I only paid $78.64!!! Less than 1/2 of the regular price. I saved a total of $88.43. WOOT! I was so excited i couldn't wait to call someone and tell them. I know i won't always buy this much because I don't want to stockpile like some people do, I have no use for 20 tubes of toothpaste or 6 months worth of cleaning supplies (well not that i wouldn't use them eventually but i don't have that kind of storage).
So i plan to continue to stock up on items that are a really good deal w/ coupons and only have to buy staple items each week. Eventually we should cut our grocery bill down quite a bit and still be able to have all the good stuff we like/want. Pretty cool, eh!


Sherry said...

We used to do the same thing, and we should really start again because it does save a bunch of money. Good for you!

Diana said...

Wow. I really should do this too. I'm finding we spend a ton of money on nothing these days.