Sunday, April 13, 2008

No sleep....

Well Friday night i got 55 minutes of sleep. Part of it was my own fault because i drank 2 glasses of Diet Pepsi Max with dinner, knowing full well it has extra caffeine and what not in it. So i was awake until 12:30, fell asleep about 12:35 and woke up promptly at 1:30. Couldn't get back to sleep and tossed and turned until Faith woke up because of the storm at like 3-3:30. There were huge claps of thunder, and the really big one that shook the house woke her up screaming, ear piercing screams, poor girl. So took her quite a while to settle down, got in bed with mama and she finally went to sleep about 4:30, of course i couldn't get back to sleep adn about the time I did she woke up fo rthe day at 6:20. ARGH.
Okay so all day yesterday I dragged bad, and of course being Saturday so did John. He tends to not go to bed when he gets home from work on Saturdays cause sleeping tends to just ruin the day, and make it harder to sleep Saturday night, i do agree with him so generally on Saturdays he's a bit moody. Add to that the fact that I was wicked tired and moody and we made quite a pair.
So our hope was that we would get a good nights sleep last night and be able to get a lot more accomplished today. Well right out of the gate she gave us a wicked hard time going to bed, she didn't seem to want to sleep in her own bed, finally got her down about 9:30, she should have been in bed at 7:30 or 8 at the latest. We went to sleep and got so/so sleep until i got up to go potty at 3 am and Faith of course heard me and cried to come get inour bed. She didn't settle down for over an hour and then even when she did I don't think John & I really slept. So last night we got maybe 5 hours of so/so sleep. And needless to say we are both miserable this morning.
I think part of her issue is she is getting the 2 year molars, i just pray they come in FAST and we go back to our good sleep pattern soon.

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Sherry said...

That's awful! Hopefully you will be getting plenty of sleep this coming week. Molars are a bear. :(

I have a hard time sleeping...and I don't even have a baby to blame! That kinda stinks, huh? hahaha