Friday, March 7, 2008


I am really impressed with Faith's vocabulary, she's saying more and more and more lately. Now i know many words that she says many people wouldn't know she was saying something specific but being with her all day every day I know what she's talking about meaning. What most impressed me yesterday was when she was running around going "one, two, one, two" LOL usually mommy says "one, two, three" but she did pretty good...Also she know signs "ball" and says it at the same time, which is great! Also there is a book of colors and she points to several of them and says the colors, red being the one she knows the best, but she also says yellow, blue and purple but not necessarily when pointing at the right color. The other nigth we were watching a movie and someone had a baby, and she pointed to the TV and said "baby". She's getting so smart and so grown up.

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