Monday, March 17, 2008

I've been tagged, again

Thanks to Diana for tagging me again, i am full of random thoughts so i don't mind one bit...

Once you've been 'tagged' you have to write a blog of ten weird/random facts/habits/goals about yourself. At the end choose ten people to be tagged, listing their names and WHY you chose them. Don't forget to leave them comment (you're it!!!) and to read your blog!! You can't tag the person who tagged you. :)

1. I'm drinking a HUGE mug of coffee, i just got this awesome mug from Rising Sun Earthworks , here is a picture of it, isn't it great ?
2. I'm very sad still about my dad falling again and breaking his ankle, we should find out more today about when he will get the surgery to finish setting it, hopefully SOON, but I'm pretty sure they have to transfuse some blood first.
3. Yesterday we moved our living room all around, furniture is all on one end and toys at the other, gives Faith more playroom. Which she needs with her new most favorite ever toy - Photobucket
4. John has been helping out last night and this morning putting in laundry and feeding Faith, YEAH!
5. I can't believe Easter is this Sunday, so so early this year. We are going to John's cousin's house in Auburn to visit and have dinner. Which will be fun.
6. Faith is getting a little better with her sleep again, she did sleep all night in her own bed Saturday night which was great and last night she slept in her own bed until 2:30, so better than last week when she slept in with me just about every night. Don't get me wrong i don't mind her sleeping with me, but i know it's better for everyone if she sleeps in her own bed.
7. I recently totally gave up cloth diapering, i wasn't going to do it, but with all the other stress in my life lately i just needed to get some control and i felt cutting out that aspect would help and it has, so far i honestly don't miss it. I only kept a couple of her special diapers with her name on them, otherwise everything went. I do still have wool pants just because i really like them and I think they'll be good this spring summer over her training pants to help if she has an accident. We bougth her big girl underwear (those quilted heavy ones) and we are gonna try them soon, i really think a few days at home and she'll be daytime learned, she's very quick to pick things up and she knows when she goes because she sometimes tells me. We shall see.
8. I love all of Faith's pretend play, she so mimmicks everything and it's so funny. Yesterday in her new car she was pretending to put on her seat belt and sunglasses, LMAO, hilarious.
9. It's so chilly this morning, i am so sick of this back and forth weather, i just want it to warm up and be done with it already....for some reason this year it's bothering me more than usual.
10. I'm pretty sure i am going to make Corn Chowder for dinner, YUM-O as my favorite TV chef Rachel Ray would say!

Okay so now who do i tag? Well i guess i will tag anyone who reads this to go ahead and post your 10 random thoughts on your blog. :-) how's that :-)


Diana said...

LOL! I love Elijah's pretend play too! Right now he's rocking out to his concert again! Only now he's got a REAL guitar. LOL. :D

Sherry said...

The cozy coupe was a favorite around our house too...but it was strictly an outside toy which was great cause then they were outside! haha

No cloth dipes! Gasp. Horrors. hehe Faith doesn't need them anyway, she will be going on the potty if she is wearing undies. :)