Tuesday, May 27, 2008

6 quirky things about me

Diana, my a dear friend, has tagged me for a '6 Quirky things meme'
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6 quirky things about me:

1. I get very excited saving money on groceries. I love to look at the bottom of the receipt where it says "you saved XX", i get all excited to figure out how much i'm paying for things individually too.
2. I have to have a pillow to snuggle up with at night, it has nothing to do with sleeping alone 5 nights a week cause even when John is home I don't like to snuggle up to him, in fact he's so hot and sweaty i try to stay far away.
3. I love to cook, but i don't really like using recipes (except for baking), i love to just wing it. I've come up with some really good things, some really "interesting" things too.
4. As a child I had several stuffed animals, my three favorites were (in no particular order), Potsy, Fred and Smokey. I still have them all :-)
5. I absolutely loved being pregnant and miss it terribly. Yes at the time the end came close i was getting uncomfortable but I really miss that bond you have with baby while in utero that noone else can really share, it's just the two of you, i miss rubbing my baby belly and talking with Faith. Don't get me wrong i'm thrilled to have her in the world talking, and growing and learning, but i miss being pregnant and if I ever am lucky enough to be pregnant again i will try my hardest to savour every moment and not wish the time away.
6. I have a personality that a lot of people just don't like. I'm frank, honest and speak my mind. I've lost many "friends" because of it. The way i look at it is that i'm not a very good friend if i'm not honest, if i don't share and if i can't speak my mind. I find that i'm not the first person people call to hang out with, go places with, or invite over, and that's okay I tend to keep to myself a lot anyway, but at the same time sometimes it hurts to feel like you aren't the "popular one".

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Gabrielle said...

kara had other plans when I got home from work so I didn't call...busy tonight, but I will try i promise maybe on my way to get ty after work!!!! sorry hunny

xxoo to faithy from kara