Saturday, May 17, 2008

Mild, Hot or Fire sauce with that???

Okay so we drove through Taco Bell, not for food, just for a big soda to share. So John orders a "large root beer" and the kid on the other end says "anything else" and john said "no that's it" and the kid said the total due and "would you like mild, hot or fire sauce?" and we just kinda sat there dumbfounded for a minute and i couldn't take it anymore and yelled "it's just a soda!"...and the poor kid stumbled out a "just kidding" of course the kid is probably mortified, so John couldn't just let it go, when he handed him the soda john says "so where's my hot sauce"....LOL


Diana said...

LOL! That has me in tears! Len thinks it hilarious too! HAHAHAHA!

Gabrielle said...

you guys are mean...this poor kid prolly is just going through puberty with zits all over his face and an excitement in his pants because the cashier at the other end is his major crush and you guys embarassed him in front of his dare you mean people from natural bridge