Friday, May 23, 2008

B L A H ! ! !

Do you ever have a week where you just kinda feel BLAH?
I am just in a funk this week.
I guess part of the problem is the darn economy, that has me down. I hate feeling like you have to plan out every little thing you do, place you go based on how friggin expensive gas is getting. I feel guilty to just go even to my mom's or something cause gas is just getting so out of hand. I'm terrible about combining trips and planning ahead, so this just STINKS!
The weather most definately is NOT helping this week either. I mean it's the end of May for pete's sake and it's cold and rainy, WTF? Yesterday i didn't feel well all day, had a migraine and a tummy upset. Don't think Faith really felt very good either. We both just lazed around all day and did nothing.
John and I have pretty much said we aren't going anywhere this weekend, just going to hang out around home and get some much needed stuff done here, my list of things to do is pretty long, so honestly that's the "responsible" thing to do. But man, i just feel like all we do lately is "responsible" stuff. Ya know, save gas, save money, not buy extras, not go out to dinner, etc. It just STINKS! Sometimes don't ya just wanna be "BAD?"
Anyway hopefully i can find a way to lift my funk today and accomplish something other than sitting on my ever expanding rear end.
Okay back to your regularly scheduled blogging....

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