Thursday, October 29, 2009

Your most proud moment?

A question was posed on a message board i belong to the other day. The question was "what was your most proud moment." It only took a split second for me to answer the question.
It was definately the first time i held Faith. I was proud of her of course, but also proud of myself & John for being able to persevere that long difficult journey to parenthood. I was proud of myself for doing all the things i had to do to get pregnant, stay pregnant and have a 100% healthy baby. Though i'd love to show you the picture of the first time i held her, it's not exactly appropriate for publication online for anyone and their brother to view, but here's the picture after we were all ready to take her home. Isn't she beautiful?

What was your most proud moment, share it here or on your blog.

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Diana said...

She is beautiful. She was then and she is now. :-) I have been absent from bloggy land, so I am just seeing this. :-) I'm baaaack!