Sunday, May 10, 2009

Cancer sucks!

A relative was just diagnosed with a very serious, very advanced type of lung cancer. It sounds like the doctors have an extremely grim outlook, she is going for a second opinion in Buffalo. And yes, she's a smoker, and to my knowledge always has been. PLEASE, if you smoke, if you know someone who smokes, encourage them to quit. This relative is only 52 (i think that's right) and she is way too young to die. She has 3 grandchildren, a 2 year old and a set of twins that are only a couple months old. Her son is getting married this year. It's just so sad to see someone get so sick from something like smoking. But then it also makes me think, I do something that i know is bad for me. I overeat, i don't exercise, i don't take care of my health in that way. I keep meaning to do something about it, but i just don't. I guess i have that mentality that nothing will happen to me. But you know, i bet that's how my relative felt too? Sure it might not be cancer, but it could be high blood pressure, arthritis, diabetes, other heart related ailments and any of the many many other diseases attributed to being overweight. It really makes you think. Since hearing the news about this diagnosis i find myself taking a moment to pray for them often through the day, please take a moment and pray for them too, thanks. And PLEASE don't smoke!

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