Monday, March 15, 2010

Letting the cat out of the bag...

I guess it's time to let out something i've been holding back for a few months. Yes i know me, holding back, so unheard of right :-)

Anyway NO I AM NOT PREGNANT! (yes that would be great but no that's not it).

I decided last fall to take a huge step in my life. I decided that no matter what I need to be healthy. I NEED to lose weight. I NEED to be the best mom I can be, and at my weight that just doesn't happen. SO....i began researching options and made the huge decision to get weight loss surgery. I found a fantastic doctor and facility and am currently working my way toward approval from my insurance. I have to do a lot of "hoop jumping" that includes 6 months of supervised "weight loss" with the doctors office. I also have had a full battery of testing. But i'm almost there. I am hoping for approval sometime in late May and surgery sometime in June if all goes well.

I did not post this here for debate purposes. I to, never in a million years would have thought this was something i would even consider. I always held the attitude that if you can't be commited to weight loss in the "traditional" sense then how could you with surgery. But, the more i researched the more i realized that the surgery is just a tool, like any other tool you have to use it and make it work. I am 100% committed to this surgery. Sure, i'm nervous about many things, the greatest of those being risking my life by having surgery. However, I am also scared of what being this overweight means - high blood pressure, diabetes, lifelong physical restraints and those things are WAY scarier. I need to be here for Faith, John and my entire family and the way I am headed i won't be for as long as I could be. Before Dad died, he expressed deep heartfelt concern for me to get this weight off and Dad, I'm gonna do you proud.

Stay tuned for more details to come.


Len Flack said...

As someone who is also taking steps to finally drop the weight and get healthy, I can totally resonate with the thoughts you've described here.

Diana and I love you and your family, and are praying that everything goes smoothly, and of course, that you reach your goals. If there is ANYTHING we can do to help, just call. :-)

Get it done, girl. You can do it!

Ellen said...


I meant to post on HC but just didn't get back to the thread. I am proud of you for doing this - how ever it takes to lose the weight. You will be so much healthier and hopefully will feel much better as well. I hope and pray that this is a turning point physically for you and things go smoothly!

(couchhound on HC boards)