Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Happenings at the Graham household...

Faith continues to be hilarious! She's not very lady like though i must say, some of her favorite things to do are farting and burping, she thinks it's hilarious. She even called me into the living room the other night saying "mom do you smell that?"...I was thinking "what is it the stove?" I get in there and say "smell what" and she says (laughing) "my fart, it smells, can you smell it?"...ugh!
Not too much playing outside lately as it's been super cold and i've been sick on/off for what seems like the entire winter. Dance classes are going well for her and she really enjoys it. This week is school break so we are going to take a shopping trip w/ Grandma, Cheyanne and her friend probably tomorrow.

John's work has had it's usual issues, trucks breaking down, snow storms, etc. So he's stressed but we seem to find time to relax on the weekends which is good. He did work an extra day this past weekend because of all the freight back ups due to the big DC area storms.

I am sewing a lot. Be sure to check out my sewing blog for pictures of some of my recent creations. Also visit my store to see what's offered for sale there - http://www.SEWsationalsarah.com

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