Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving

I could sit here and type all day all the wonderful fabulous things i have to be thankful for. But i'm gonna just mention a couple. My parents are amazing, i'm especially thankful that even though my dad isn't able to be at home this year for the holiday, he is at least close by and making progress with his physical therapy and there's hope he'll be home soon. My husband who is not only a good provider, good husband and good dad, but he manages to put up with me too LOL. And of course I am most thankful for my miracle girl, Faith. For those reading that don't know my story, i will someday soon share my journey to motherhood, but to make it short and sweet, it was a struggle and I am thankful every second of every day that I get to be a mom.
Off to enjoy our turkey day with family. We are going out of town for the day, hopefully the weather doesn't get too bad.

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