Thursday, September 11, 2008

I love coupons!

Okay you all know my crazy coupon routine by now and if you don't, just ask, i love to share my incredible savings and bursting pantry.
Today i went to Price Chopper, before discounts the total would have been $82.86 and I paid 44.97 so a savings of $37.89.
Than I stopped at P&C, who had a better ad this week, some really great steals. The total before discounts was $116.21 and do you know what i paid???? ONLY $34.42 that's a huge savings of $81.79.
Total savings today at the 2 stores was $119.68.
So now you are probably thinking well what did you buy?
Well a few examples are 10 boxes of cereal (4 fruity cheerios, 2 kix, 2 cheerios, 2 total) for a TOTAL of $5.80. That's ONLY 58 cents per box averaged out. I admit that a lot of the stuff i get is "boxed" stuff like Hamburger Helper, taco dinner kits, packaged side dishes, but we don't eat it all, we are donating a bunch to the food pantry and i'm sorry but when pared with a good vegetable and lean hambuger, hamburger helper isn't really that horrible. I got 10 cans of soup (brand name Campbells tomato and chicken noodle) for 50 cents per can and yes I'm a snob and think the Campbell's soup is way way better than generic. I also never buy yogurt without a coupon and sale. Today we got a 6 pack of yogurt totally free on coupon ($3.19). Then i bought 12 Yoplait yogurts for 33 cents each (after sale & coupon) and got 1 Free. I got 4 loaves of Freihofer bread for $1.50 a loaf(the big loaves of whole grain white, and yes i should have gotten the wheat but Faith eats the white a lot better). Two things I was thrilled about were Snuggle fabric softener for $2.49 each (the bigger ones) and dishwasher tabs for $1.24 (regular price is 4.19).
The whole idea behind shopping this way is that you only have to buy your essentials and i do have to say that over the last few months I have really been saving a lot of money and there is ALWAYS something to eat in the house. Right now we are bursting at the seams again, though i do need some meat, hoping there are some good sales on that next week.
Stayed tuned for more crazy coupon updates :)


Hilary M said...

That is awesome! :) We also eat hamburger helper every now and again, I keep it on hand. I hate to admit that, I prefer to cook from scratch, but there are some nights where you need some assistance and my kids will eat it guaranteed!

Diana said...

Good for you, Sarah. I never use coupons and I really need to start. You might have just inspired me to start by this one blog post and our conversations. LOL! :D

Sarah said...

I love coupons! Seriously, it is like a taste of Christmas when I use some! You have mastered the art of coupon using- I aspire to be like that!