Monday, September 29, 2008

UGH Husbands!

Why is it they can empty something (say a cereal box and a milk container) and leave it sitting on the counter 2 feet from the trash can. I mean is it gonna kill them to take one more step and throw it out?? HELLO the trash is RIGHT THERE.
Then okay so i take care of that, go over to the sink, there is the bowl. Yes, grateful it made it to the sink today, most days it doesn't but it's got bits of cereal and a pool of milk in it still. Okay you came as far as the sink, can you not just rinse it for me so there's not crusted on cereal and stinky milk later?
Okay so i rinse that out as well as the baby's bowl and here he comes downstairs with a HUGE armfull of dirty socks and a few t-shirts. And i get "I have to start the washer cause i have NO SOCKS". See our dirty laundry is in 2 places, the bathroom or the laundry room, I wash what is in those 2 places pretty much every day. But you see, he wears his socks and t-shirts up and takes them off before he gets in bed. Well, when exactly should i gather them up, in the middle of the day when you are trying to sleep? Would it be horrible if you just took off your dirty clothes before you went to bed, or horror of horrors carried them downstairs with you when you get up?
So that's my frustration this morning, oh that and the car...but that's another story....

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