Friday, February 29, 2008

Another outfit, this time for Faith's little "boyfriend"..

I made this outfit yesterday for Faith's little friend, Elijah. I had this airplane fabric in my stash, i don't know what i originally bought it for, who knows. Anyway i made this and I just love love love my new sewing machine, it works like a dream. The applique was so easy with no taggling up of the bobbin thread, no breaking threads, no yelling at my machine. LOVE IT! Hoping to do some more sewing today, i need to try out a shirt pattern i have for Faith to match some knitted items we have in the works.
I had Faith model it for the picture, she makes a good boy don't you think :-) LOL


Hilary M said...

She would be a gorgeous little boy :) I love the outfit. The sewing bug has really bit, hasn't it?? I am so happy for you that you are finidng time and joy in sewing :)

Sarah said...

Yes the bug has hit me big time. I'm finding so much joy in creating new things. We took this outfit to him and it's a perfect fit and SO CUTE on him. :-)

Len said...

Elijah is currently napping is his kickin' new threads. Thanks!

Diana said...

He was so mad when we had to take them off, Sarah. LOL! He wanted to wear them forever, I think. LOL!