Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Baby Fever

Okay I admit it, i have it, BAD. Probably cause lots of friends have had babies in the past few months, two recently. The thing is we havn't avoided getting pregnant since Faith was born (with the exception of one month i used the "ring" trying to help a female issue i had). So since Faith is 18 months olds it's really starting to get to me that I just can't get pregnant "on my own". Now granted i know that i have to have John's help LOL, what i mean is every time i've ever gotten pregnant there has been some type of medical intervention, with Faith there was plenty of interventions. Anyway after Faith was born everyone (including my midwife) has said, well you never know, it might happen when you least expect it. Well I felt all along that they were all crazy, but then again I have known a lot of people that did fertility treatments for their first and then went on to have "surprise" pregnancies after. Anyway I always said I would be completely happy with just 1 healthy child and I wouldn't get myself all depressed and insane TTC (trying to conceive) another. And i'm not. I've got a little science experiment going with some natural vitamins/supplements, i'm back on my PCOS medicine, and i'm charting my cycle. So who knows maybe it will happen, but somehow i doubt it. And God, just so you know I am completely happy with Faith but should you decide our family is not complete that would be great too!


Sherry said...

Sarah, I totally know what you are feeling and what you have been through. Sometimes it DOES just happen, and other times babies need a bit of help. I will pray that if it is meant it will happen for you soon. (((hugs))). :)

Anonymous said...

God is good, and I'm praying that He gives you the desire of your heart. =)