Tuesday, February 12, 2008

SO chilly...and a new vehicle..

UGH -14 this morning when we got up. I go back and forth all winter as to which is worse, cold or snow? I guess at least you don't have to shovel cold right?
And on to new and exciting things...we are getting a new truck, and we are so excited. It's exactly what we want and then some. It's a Toyota Tundra CrewMax, Check it out here
We totally didn't think we could afford it, as we don't get a discount with Toyota through John's work (Fedex), and we do get one for Ford, GMC, Chevy and since it's a pretty significant discount we just figured there was no way Toyota could compete with that. So after test driving several things Saturday, and feeling that the Toyota was the safest, most comfortable, best truck but also the most expensive - we decided to go back to Ford on monday morning because they could give us an awesome deal on a great truck. So we picked it out, started the process and then came home to return later this week to pick it up. WELL on the way home Toyota did a courtesy call to see if we had given anymore thought to purchasing from them, so we told them that we had but we just couldn't go the extra when we could get a better deal with Ford. So the guy said "well what would you be able to do" so i told JOhn to tell him if he can get our payment under "x" amount and for the terms i want then we will definately purchase from them. So I was 99% sure there was NO WAY they could meet our needs, there was just such a huge gap between their price and our price. Well much to my surprise they called in the afternoon with an option that totally works for us, they really worked super hard to get us what we wanted at the price we wanted. We are beyond THRILLED. So come this weekend we will be driving a new vehicle, yeah! The greatest thing is how SAFE this vehicle is, it has so so so many safety features that are just not on other comparible vehicles. Check them all out here Safety Features

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Hilary M said...

That is awesome! And I am jealous :) We are so close to owning our cars and then buying a house, but the new car satisfaction is so tempting. We are planning to buy the exact same truck for my hubby in about a year, so I think you made a great choice :) --Hilary