Monday, February 11, 2008

No more bottles...

Faith was down to just 1 bottle at bedtime for quite a while now. I decided out the blue Friday that enough was enough, she was gonna be done with bottles all together. So Friday night i gave her the milk in a sippy cup, she was totally fine with it, didn't throw a fit or anything. Guess she was ready too. She has had sleeping issues again these last three nights but I'm not sure why, i honestly think Friday night was just the newness of no bottle, i brought her back down, rocked some more and got her to sleep almost all night in her own bed, she came in bed with me around 5:30am i think it was, to me that's not bad. However Saturday & Sunday night both she ended up in bed with us in the middle of the night, last night being the earliest at like 1am. I don't like that, we don't sleep as well, including Faith. However, i wonder if that wasn't cause she knew Daddy was home and wanted to be in bed with him?? Not sure, i guess we'll see how it goes tonight when Dad is back at work.

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Diana said...

Awesome on the bottles! :-) Way to go Faith! :-)

You can definitely stop by this week. We do have some appointments Wednesday and Thursday and Len will be leaving at 2:30 or so on Friday for the teen dinner, but just give me a call. :-)